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SEO is one of the most effective ways to get genuine leads and business. With Search Engine Optimization you can stay at the top of the search engine say Google without spending enormously on Ads.

What is SEO?

In the decade when the world entered the new millennium, Google was to become the mightiest giant of information. It is an omniscient knowledge repository that knows everything. By everything, it simply means the entire body of knowledge that has been fed to the world wide web. However, even if all info is fed to the vast servers of Google, it doesn’t show everything once the search button is hit.

As Google became a separately recognized word in the English dictionary, the world turned to focus all its energies in google rankings. It has become a norm of the day to up one’s google rank in order to improve their overall business revenues. And we have reasons for that. Not just reasons, but also whole strategies dedicated to making the rank better. But what does it mean to rank high in Google search and what strategies govern the process? This is exactly what we are going to answer in the succeeding paragraphs.

Google ranking and SEO

It’s said that the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google. Yeah, it’s an old joke but the truth behind it still rings true. It is a tough call to get to the first page of Google. The latter’s fame has set the rules of the game, as everyone really googles stuff online. So, one needs to satiate the master first, who will then distribute to the people what he knows. Getting to the first page is quite synonymous with success, as people become more aware of a given product, website, or any other consumer durable recently launched. The more people know, the better are the chances of hitting the revenue targets, right? So, how to ensure this high rank of any website or webpage considering there are millions of web pages dished out every day?

This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. The various strategies that are deployed with the intention of optimizing content so that it is easily and organically discoverable, are called SEO strategies. It is an umbrella term for all the elements involved in making one’s website more visible.

So, here’s the rule: the better the SEO strategies, the higher are the Google rankings. But it is a long shot to reach the zenith of Google searches as the company likes to keep its search factors a secret. Although it’s said there are over 200 such search factors, there are some that we are aware of. But before going into them (we will talk about them under the leads section), let’s have a look at the benefits of SEO.

What are the benefits of SEO?

A carefully planned SEO strategy is the one that hides in plain sight. It can appear as a group of words for written content that blends seamlessly with the text, or careful tagging of pictures and videos, which always make them come up in the first page of Google. However, to find out the different ways to find out a comprehensive strategy, we need to learn about the benefits first. So here they are:

  • SEO it’s cheap
  • SEO forces you to pay attention.
  • keep in mind about SEO

The first benefit of SEO is it’s cheap. It involves nothing but plenty of research, mindfulness, and intuition to get a good grasp over SEO strategies. But once you are able to ascertain any concrete strategy, it will cost you next to nothing when compared to the traditional visibility increasing measures such as Pay Per Click (PPC). Moreover, it will also remain there for long. That’s because Google remembers the rankings, and more so, it does the job on the basis of webpages and not websites.

SEO forces you to pay attention to the gateway of your product: your website. In a world that feeds on the world wide web today, nothing could stand apart if it doesn’t have its words ready to be read or seen. One may invent an ingenious product, but in the absence of its promotion, the product would still fail to reach the desired sales targets because people don’t know about it yet. With proper SEO strategies in place, one can easily get a test ride of the product that’s to be launched. It is, in the same breath, a laboratory to check what people like, as well as to successfully disseminate information about anything new. Without SEO, it is extremely difficult to launch a product and hit its sales targets right away.

One important aspect to keep in mind about SEO is, it’s not the only gamechanger in the market. SEO strategies alone can’t bring drastic changes, but they definitely enhance the mix of various marketing services.

Finally, it’s important to note that once an SEO strategy is up on the web, it’s going to stay there. Unlike other marketing tactics which demand a constant supply of cash, SEO strategies work like submarines deep under the sea. They are just there, doing what they should, while no one really pays attention to them. But the fun part is, it’s just sitting there and continuing to navigate the difficult ways of Google search engines.

How does SEO help generate leads?

Before answering this, let’s understand what we mean by leads. Put down simply, leads are customers who got attracted to the product that one is exhibiting. It could be a particular webpage, the advertisement of a product, and so on. A lead is increased traffic of a webpage, and consequently, the website. As we are talking about increasing the website traffic, each page optimized according to specific strategies will help generate a lot of leads consistently over time.

This is how SEO strategies generate leads:

By claiming listings:

Apart from the high-level SEO strategies, local strategies go a long way in determining sales and generating leads. There are local directories which are lists of online businesses within a particular geographical location, category, or niche. Including local keywords gives a veritable idea to people of what you are offering and that is of crucial importance. Local keywords that prompt location is one of the most efficient ways of generating leads.

Finding the correct keywords:

It is useless to cram low search density keywords together and expect traffic to get up and high. With keywords of high search volume/density, Google gets to realize the content you generate is relevant, updated, and all-encompassing on any given subject. Finding decent keywords and using them intelligently will definitely boost your leads as you see traffic is increasing with each intelligently used keyword


SEO strategies aren’t simply keywords. They are every intelligent idea put together dedicated to pushing the traffic of a website. One such important aspect is mobile-friendliness. A highly responsive website that looks great only on the desktop would be marked really low by Google. As over 60% of google searches happen from mobile devices, Google ranks a website in accordance with its mobile-optimization and responsive capabilities.


Yeah! It is spying in the literal sense of the word. One of the best SEO strategies that allow Google to start trusting your website is by calculating the number of backlinks each webpage has. But random backlinks from websites which aren’t quite famous leaves an impression on Google that the concerned website is mostly spam. So, to generate leads faster than your competitor, you may need to spy on their backlinks. By doing this, you will have a concrete database of all the famous and highly-ranked websites who are interested in your competitors’ products. Once you do this, reaching out to them is a cakewalk. And if you are worried about finding out the backlinks, there are loads of backlink checking tools. Please note that even the best of websites use some backlinks which are spam. But they maintain a real backlink/spam ratio which Google can ignore

Guest posting:

If you thought SEO strategies are just about what you do with your website, you would be eating half the fruit. For your SEO strategies to gain fruition, you got to consider the option of guest blogging. It is a way of letting people know who you are, and a wonderful way to sell yourself and your products without having a show about it. It also denotes that your voice is trustworthy, and you can throw yourself to the service of something unknown to you. SEO is primarily about impressions and guest posting is a magic tool to generate leads.

Long-tail keywords:

By this, we mean the keywords which are 3 to 5 words long. These keywords make way for including local keywords which may prove important for the location of your business. Once these long-tail keywords are out there, Google will have a look at them and direct most searches to your website, if the searches are specific and local. So, simply finding the right keywords is coupled with being specific and thrifty.


As a passing note, let’s remind you that there are some simpler strategies as well that help boost traffic. Having defining headings, alternately tagged images, writing crisp content with brevity and short sentences, are some of the omniscient strategies which never fail to raise the traffic up. Get in touch with AuroraVista Technologies to skyrocket your website’s success. Good luck!

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