Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Our SEO services are designed to meet your expectations and enhance your business considerably. With our user oriented, experience derived, modern techniques, we ensure that your brand is imprinted in the minds of consumers.



95% of research starts with search engines, 70% of people don’t beyond the first page of the search results, and 75% buyers research about the product before purchasing a product. Therefore, it is important that your page not only ranks on the search engine but also reaches the remote consumers, and for this purpose Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is used.

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO in general lingo, refers to optimizing the website and its content to catch the attention of search engine crawlers and traffic. SEO has evolved over the period from a technique used for rankings to a technique used for reaching the exclusive traffic and converting them into prospects. SEO is further branched into two categories technical SEO and Non-technical SEO, and for each, there needs to be a different strategy implication. We optimize the content to reach out to the prospective leads and we methodically optimize the content to catch the eyes of crawlers.

If you are a company planning to go digital or already working on a digital platform struggling to convert the  generated traffic and leads into the potential customer, then there is a major flaw in your Search Engine Optimisation techniques. We offer client-oriented, inclusive and encompassing SEO services in New Delhi that is geniusly designed to meet the client’s requirement.

The mantra of successful SEO is helping the search engine in discovering the best content to resolve the users issues, and you will win the SEO challenge. We follow 3-step SEO process to construct the framework of the content based on the SEO mantra-

  1. Research (Research about the competitors, produtsc and analysis)
  2. Plan (keyword list, search volume, scoring, keyword sitemap)
  3. Execute (Content Management, performance)

For successful optimization, you need to research extensively about the company, industry, product and the competitors.  The requisite data will lay down the foundation of proper keyword research list, search volume and relevance of the content. The execution process includes unambiguous content management and the performance of website after.

If your business is on digital platform and you are yet to be familiarised with Search Engine Optimization, then there is high probability that your digital business ship will sink soon. You need the SEO for the following reasons

  • It is an one time investment with high ROI
  • It helps you in locating your target audience
  • Search engine Optimisarion leads to building brand and easier market penetration.
  • Increases the reach of the business houses.
  • Majority of traffic on website is converted into clients.

At Auroravista Technologies, we not just focus on the website ranking rather our cornerstone is that we bring in maximum traffic that transform into consumers. Since, it is a one time investment, we make sure that our services are aligned with your expectations and beyond.



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