Best YouTube Keyword Tool for Free (Tried & Tested)

Creating a YouTube video is not an easy job. It requires a lot of time and resources. But you know it is worth your effort as it gives immense visibility to your products and services. Creating videos is just a part of this whole gamut; the other part is to make them discoverable. You need your target audience to be able to reach your video and a good YouTube keyword tool will help you achieve that goal.

There are many such free YouTube keyword tools that could help you look for the most searched and trending keywords on YouTube. You can eliminate all the guess games with these tools and promote your marketing channel to the next level. YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine hence having thoughtfully carved promotional videos for your business is the next best thing you can do to up your sales. So let’s get straight to finding the best keyword tool YouTube right away.

Understanding the YouTube keyword search

Keyword searches are one of the SEO best practices where people understand what kind of keywords (single or string of words) are used by people to search for specific information. Finding these keywords is a big step for businesses to understand what kind of words to be included in their titles, Meta description, tags, etc. so that they can maximize organic content discovery. This way you can be sure of your videos being viewed by your target audience.

This kind of marketing strategy is not just for the business giants who churn out videos on a regular basis. It actually holds more importance to smaller setups that are trying to compete with the bigwigs. The one-man shops, small eateries and other such small businesses need to come out with a well thought over strategy for search engine optimization.

But not all people can afford to hire an SEO expert or agency to do this job for them. This is where YouTube keyword tools come handy. There are many free YouTube keyword tools available in the market and here we have picked out some of the most useful ones.

List of top 5 YouTube keyword tools

YouTube Keyword Tool

Ubersuggest – This one is a phenomenal YouTube keyword tool that is free, especially for a newbie who is just starting their YouTube channel. If you are not able to afford a paid tool that gives you specific search volume, Ubersuggest can provide a solid knowledge of what customers in your niche are searching for. It leverages the autosuggest feature of Google to figure out relevant keywords.

TubeBuddyThis is a great tool for video SEO. When you search for a term in this tool it also lists out other tags that are related to your term. For example, if you search for “California surfing”, it will also show you other terms like “California surfing winter”, “California surfing 2018”. You also get to know how competitive each term is with their overall score, how many times the term was searched, and other such valuable information.

This keyword tool YouTube has a free version as well as other paid versions like pro, star, and legend which one can enjoy for free by promoting Tubebuddy and taking their surveys. – This is a free YouTube keyword tool if you need it’s most basic features but other useful features like analyzing competitors’ keyword data or cost per click, come with a price. It has a monthly plan ranging from 69 USD to 159 USD which varies depending on the volume of keywords you want to analyze.

This tool leverages the Youtube data of what other people searched for in the past. It uses the base terms to produce popular search phrases. There is also a facility in the tool to know the trend data which gives you a feel of what time of the year people search most for certain keywords. Using this you can change your keyword SEO strategy based on customers’ habits, holidays, etc.

SERPs – This tool will show you the estimated keyword volume and related keywords which is pretty useful in gaining insight into the popularity of specific keywords. In case more detailed data is needed, you can pay an amount of 49 USD per month to get the full-blown tool.

Keyword Tool Dominator – For those new to SEO this is a pretty easy tool to use. You get a long list of suggested YouTube searches when you search for a certain keyword with this free YouTube keyword tool. You can create your custom list of keywords by choosing and exporting them from the same screen. It has a simple pricing model with 3 keywords in a day being free. To search more terms you need to pay only a onetime price of 69.9 USD.

If you are utilizing YouTube as a marketing channel and still have not got up to speed with any keyword tool YouTube then you must make use of any of the tools mentioned here. One of the cornerstones of any good content marketing strategy is keyword search and having a digital platform like a YouTube keyword tool would help you immensely in getting a hang of customers’ mindset, habits, trends, etc. Identifying the right keywords is essential in getting more leads and making others aware of your business.


How do you search for keywords on YouTube?

There are YouTube keyword tools available for searching keywords on YouTube. Some of them are free YouTube keyword tools and a few are paid but cheap. By using the title or transcript of the video one can search for them on tools like KParser (has a free version), Hypersuggest, Wordtracker, etc.

Do hashtags work on YouTube?

Hashtags work on YouTube and increase the visibility and discoverability of videos. While uploading your video you can enter the #hashtag in the title or description of your video. When you click on a hashtag searched by you it would take you to other videos that have the same hashtags.

How many keywords can you use on YouTube?

There is no limit on the keywords and tags you can use on YouTube as long as you do not cross the 500 characters limit (Across all keywords). But it is advisable to have only 7-10 keywords which are under 150 characters. Many keywords can delude and confuse YouTube about the main intent of your video.

How can I get Tubebuddy Pro for free?

Here are the easy steps to get Tubebuddy Pro for free:

  • Check if your account is eligible for an upgrade at
  • Click the sponsored upgrade option which says “Good news” at the bottom of the page
  • You will be presented with 6 options to choose from:
  • Join Tubebuddy affiliate program – Tell others about Tube buddy. If you can get people to install Tubebuddy then you get a 1-year star license upgrade and if you 250 people to install you get a free legend license for lifetime.
  • Complete their survey – You will be asked to answer a few questions in the survey. The length of the review depends on your channel size. You get 1 week of the free pro version with this.
  • Get a 30-day free trial – This will give you access to Tubebuddy pro for a month for free.
  • Create a video talking about Tubebuddy – In this, you make a 2-minute video on any feature of Tubebuddy you love or in general about why you like Tubebuddy and publish on your channel. Based on the number of subscribers you have you can get free pro, star, or legend version for 2 months.
  • Follow Tubebuddy on twitter – Simply following Tubebuddy would give you 3 days free Pro upgrade
  • Following and tweeting – If you follow and also tweet about Tubebuddy then depending on number of your followers you would get your upgrade.

How do you add keywords to YouTube 2020?

To add keywords to your channel in YouTube 2020 follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Your tube studio at
  • There is a “setting” tab on the left sidebar, click on that
  • This will open a dialog box, select the “Channel” tab here
  • Here add your keywords under the “Basic info” tab

How do you find trending keywords on YouTube?

You could utilize some of the keyword tool YouTube to find trending keywords like SEMIRush, Tubebuddy tag explorer, Google trends search, etc.

How can I promote my YouTube channel for free?

You might find it tempting to pay YouTube for promoting your video but there are many things you can do with your content to self-promote:

  • Irresistible titles which are concise and descriptive will draw visitors to you
  • Create thumbnail images as our brains notice visuals first. An eye-catching custom thumbnail will boost views
  • Choose keywords that are Google friendly since people not just search on YouTube but on Google too.
  • The video should include a call to action (CTA)
  • Interact and engage your viewers with contests and collaborations
  • Create playlists since that will give your videos a chance to have more keywords and make them easier to find.


YouTube is owned by Google so if you are able to make your mark on youtube, you will automatically be on google searches. Therefore, for making your place on youtube you need to find proper keywords so that it reaches your target audience. The tools mentioned above are of great help and can be utilized while marketing youtube videos.

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