What is Google PageRank? How Does PageRank Algorithm Work?

As we know, Google is the first search engine; various individuals search for several websites. To find out the number of times a single site has viewed, Google launched an advanced tool called PageRank. It is an algorithm that helps to assess and give ranks to the web pages based on search results.

What is Google Pagerank?

In the year of 1996, Robin Li has designed a strategy to quantify the value of the site as site-scoring or page-ranking. Then in 2000, Google founder worked hard for this and got patent rights. It is labelled after the Google founder, Larry Page.

Google PageRank is a mathematical formula which helps to find out the quality and quantity of a particular website and helps to assess the importance of every site. It can quantify the web pages. It shows results quickly. Optimization and customization are allowed. It is a beneficial and leading resource.


There is a formula that is used to find the level of a particular site. If we consider, A is a page and has T1…..Tn pages in it. Let the damping factor will have’ which is generally a value of 0.85, and it ranges between 0 to 1. Then the PageRank of A is,

PR(A) = (1-d) +d[PR(T1)/C(T1) +……..+ PR(Tn)/C(Tn)]

Here, we need to consider,

  • The number of outbound links that every link may possess will also consider.
  • Quantity of inbound linking pages.
  • Quality of inbound linking pages.
  • PageRank of each page.


The algorithm is a set of instructions that need to follow to execute a solution or a task. Here, the PageRank algorithm is a function that helps to find out the probability of a user at which he searched for a single site. As it has several pages, the algorithm has to undergo many iterations during the calculation process. As we learn, the range is between 0 to 1. If the value is 0.3, it means they have a 30% probability. If the value is 0.8, it means the website has an 80% probability.

 To understand more clearly, we will simplify it, if a search engine has five web pages and each page has inbound and outbound links between each other. Then the probability will be 20%, i.e., 0.2.  If A is linked with B and C, the value may change from 0.20 to 0.80 or some other due to iterations. In this case, the Rank will be,

PR(A) = PR(B) + PR(C) + PR(D)

In another case, the transfer of links may take place during the process of iterations. Then the rank of an outbound gets equal with documents rank divided by outbound link number. That is,

PR(A) = PR(B)/L(B) + PR( C)/L(C) + PR( D) / L(D).

Boosting the PageRank

google pagerank

With the help of this advanced technology, one can be able to increase the level of ranking to a particular site. We can’t change it entirely, but we can try to enhance the influencing factors of the Google ranking. It can be done in two ways. They are as follows,

  • Internal links
  • anchor text 
  • No, follow links
  • Likelihood of being clicked.

Internal links:- this is the best strategy with which we can quickly boost up the google ranking. If the inner content is crystal clear with sound knowledge of sub-topics, then it acquires a lot of internal links, and it increases the value of page on google.

anchor text  :- it influences the ranking profoundly. The text which appears on the link is nothing but anchor text. It should be short and like a catchy word. If the text is registered in the minds of users and also if the text gives more site pages, then it is the right choice.

No follow links:-  this is a case where the site has several external links that may support one another. But it doesn’t work in the long run.

Likelihood of being clicked:- it is designed for particular sites that have specific potential. These are the links that may use more times in one period and fewer times on the other hand. For example, to keep applications, educational sites will search thoroughly, and then after, it gets fewer clicks.

PageRank Checker

A free tool that enables you to check the value of your website is known as PageRank Checker. It is a free service provided by Google to the users.

 To install a free Checker, we need to add this tool to our website and copy the code in your document. The system is in HTML. Then you can allow your users to check it directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes. Google is still using the tool in their algorithms, but they closed the toolbar app to avoid viewers’ attention on that value.


Ans. First, we need to copy the URL and paste it in the allocated space. Then it gives you the value after calculating the result.


Ans. It is the evaluation of quality and quantity of a web page and expressed in terms of rank.


Ans. Yes. It is an essential tool for Bing.


Ans. Generally, the value of PageRank for any webpage will range from 0 to 10. So, the highest a webpage can have is ’10’.


Ans. Yes, we can improve it.We should keep on updating the resources. And should give extra care on catchy words, users’ feedback, etc. We can make our website more flexible to users.


Ans. Many pages have got the highest rank of 10 for example, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, PHP, YouTube, adobe, etc.


Ans. It is essential to determine the importance of our webpage among all the pages in the world wide web and to assess the level of our page using rank.



Hence, Google is using the PageRank tool widely, and it closed access to viewing value on toolbar recently. To divert the attention of viewers, Google has taken this decision. So make the best use of this PageRank Checker and improve your webpage by getting more clicks.

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