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Wondering how much traffic your website obtains per day? Well, website traffic analysis is the foremost way to get information about the amount of traffic a website generates. Here we are going to share all you need to know regarding how to check website traffic. 

If you already have a website, then there’s no need to look anywhere else. With the help of Google Analytics– GA, which is a useful free tool, you can analyze the accurate number of traffic on your website.

Ahrefs’ blog growth, via Google Analytics

So Google Analytics offers us a straightforward way to check your website traffic. But by searching ‘how to check website traffic,’ you probably didn’t mean your own website. We are assuming that you want to have relevant information on website traffic of your competitors’ website.

Here I am to help you go through the procedures with three different paths. Follow them accordingly to get website traffic estimates for any website you want.

Method 1- Using Traffic Estimation Tool

The traffic estimation tool is of two types:

Tools estimating overall traffic

A person who’s searching over the internet can be directed to your website from any sources such as social media sites, forums, search engines, etc. These tools help you to get the total number of traffic generated from all sources.

Tools estimating organic traffic

Usually, websites attain a promising number of traffic from popular search engines, for example, Google, that is termed as ”Organic Traffic.” In this case, these tools never consider the traffic generated from any social media sites other than organic traffic.

Let’s check each of them to get more information:

Estimation of total website traffic

Here, we have researched every leading & popular overall traffic estimation tools to find out the effective one, and SimilarWeb has secured the top position.

SimilarWeb provides different statistics related to website traffic-

  • Total visits;
  • Duration of the average visit;
  • Bounce rate;
  • Pages per visit;

Though it fails to provide page view estimates, you can reverse engineer it once you multiply the total visits by pages per visit. The best part is the monthly traffic estimation is absolutely free up to six months, that too on a pretty interactive graph. In case you choose to subscribe and pay, it works upto two years.

Both desktop and mobile traffic are involved in traffic estimation. Or, for a paying subscriber?

There are different segments for the device category.

Sources of the data

  • The monitoring device’s panel
  • Local Internet service providers
  • The web crawlers scanning every public website
  • The innumerable apps and websites which are directly connected to us

However, there is a critical point that all the sites you estimate on SimilarWeb don’t come up with accurate total traffic. SimilarWeb provides estimates for nearly 1/5th of the tested sites.

The tool works on the information coming from the tiny subset of the entire online population. In case it doesn’t reflect the total estimates of a particular website, probably the reason is there are not sufficient people in the subset it tried to derive the data from.

Estimating Website Traffic From Search Engine

The first thing you have to consider is there are different types of traffic-related estimations which you might get through search engines. For example, estimated monthly visits from Google, traffic value estimates and number of keyword estimates.

Initially, you get the estimation of global traffic. However, once you navigate to the overview report and hit the organic search tab, it will break down the traffic estimation by 170 countries. There you also get a graph in order to plot the estimation of historic organic traffic. The graph is pretty much interactive, as you can check the traffic stats simply by hover over it. In Fact, you can make it country-specific as well from the drop-down menu. The best part is you can find out all the keywords driving higher traffic to the specific website just by clicking the organic keywords report.

So this is how most of the organic tools work. Remember, the bigger keyword database it holds, the more accurate estimation of traffic it provides. Hence, you can compare multiple tools and choose the right one for yourself.

To compare multiple sites, which tool shows the most effective results?

In some instances, the traffic estimation is judged in between two or more relatively recognized sites rather than calculating in a wider aspect. To perform this operation, we have taken the help of Spearman Correlation. So how does it work? 

Spearman Correlation is a technique that sums up the direction both negative & positive and the strength of a relationship linking two variables. Spearman Correlation provides the data ranking of the two sets as- the “estimated” traffic and the other one is “real” traffic figures.

Method 2- Time to focus on ‘Advertise with us’

Being a blogger, I’ve had several advertisers asking for the estimated traffic of my website. And the question made me realize the information must be provided on an advertising page which is publicly accessible. For example, if you visit an advertising page of you can easily find out a site’s page views, social stats, monthly unique visitors, and lots more.

Well, you might be thinking that a traffic-driving monster like- Geekwire might be doing this for their promotion. In that case, let me tell you that I’ve seen even the individual bloggers doing the same with similar pages.

Now the question is, how are we going to find out these pages? The answer is, our most favourite Google search bar. advertise with us

In case the website holds such a page, it will come up on the first result.

Unable to find out the traffic stats on the advertising page? Turn to the “Media pack” link which carries a large database of traffic stats of different sites. However, the trick might not be helpful due to various reasons like:

  • Every website you visit doesn’t have an “advertise with us” page. 
  • Not all websites are willing to publish traffic stats.
  • There might not be traffic numbers all the time.

Linking to the last point i mentioned, you must always check the last updating date of the traffic stats. Fortunately, almost all the websites tend to mention the date of their last update. But you must not forget the “Almost” factor, as some of them don’t. Therefore, if the traffic stats number isn’t updated recently, they are unlikely to be perfect—no need to trust them.

Method 3- Shoot a Direct Query

The best way to get the most updated and accurate traffic statistics is to ask the owner directly. You might be thinking why the bloggers are going to provide the perfect information to a complete stranger? Well, they will, if you have genuine reasons such as –

  • You wish to purchase their website.
  • You are interested in advertising on their sites.

Most of the bloggers find it a pleasure to provide their accurate traffic numbers but only to genuine advertisers. I have even seen some of them, sending screenshots of Google analytics as proof. 

Despite being the most reliable method of deciphering traffic statistics, it’s against 100% foolproof. The reasons are the following.

  • To sell advertising, most of the bloggers and webmaster might choose to fabricate the traffic stats.
  • All the bloggers you see, don’t have Google analytics.
  • It’s quite easy to mis-install Google analytics, which in turn provides inaccurate data.

Therefore, the illusive traffic stats you attain from the bloggers or webmasters should be verified with third-party tools. Thus, you judge their legitimacy and honesty.

Additional Tips to Estimate Website Traffic

Estimating traffic through various methods and tactics are okay. But when it comes to reporting the popularity of a website, a few manual checks should be necessary.

  • # of social shares
  • # of youtube video views
  • # the comments on their posts
  • Engagements on their fan pages as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

That’s all for now!

You must keep in mind that traffic estimation tools aren’t always perfect. By far they follow the easiest way of traffic estimation of the sites that aren’t yours. Therefore, you can ask directly and get the verification all over again through a trusted tool.

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