top 7 seo tools of 2020 - Everything You Must Know About

Are you scouring the internet for the past few hours in search of the best paid and free SEO tools? Well, then, my friend, your queries have been resolved. You have landed on the right page.

Best SEO Tools

Undoubtedly, gaining the ultimate control over Search Engine Optimization can be truly strenuous and challenging. And we do get you when you say it’s even more daunting when you have just started. If you aim to start a blog and earn a decent amount of money through your online business, you require website traffic. To get such kind of organic traffic, it is crucial for you to rank on Google. Thus, whether you need to audit the website, conduct competitive research, or just observe how well you are ranking on Google, it is crucial for you to be familiar with and make use of the best tools for SEO.

The internet is awash with countless remarkable free and paid SEO tools that can help you with your quest. Nevertheless, with so many tools on the markets, it becomes incredibly tough to sort the wheat from the chaff—no need to worry. We have done a bit of extensive legwork and have whittled down to a list of the 7 outstanding SEO tools in the market. This will not only help you master SEO and increase your rankings but will help you incredibly to raise your SEO game by many notches.

Thus, without any delay, let’s get started.


SEMRUSH is one of those top-ranking competitor analysis tools that can help its users assess their own as well as the content of its competitors. It offers strong metrics and enables its users to gain best-performing pages, keywords, and content.

You can use this tool to track current and past website ranking, gauging the experience of the user, conducting technical SWO audits, and the likes. These brilliant aspects make it one of the most popular and best paid SEO tools among enterprises, ranging from small to medium.


After Google, Ahrefs is the second- fastest web crawler that comes equipped with the best user interface out of brilliant tools on this list. It is mainly used for competitive analysis, URL rankings, researching keyword, backlink audits, etc. However, the icing on the cake is that this tool crawls ample data and web, which helps in boosting the search engine significantly.


Google Analytics is one of those outstanding and free SEO tools that provide a breather to millions of online marketers. This is mainly because there is no other existing data source that can offer its users with top quality and detailed information like that of Google Analytics. It gives you more than you will ever need, like tracking of campaigns and metric conversions, finding audience reports, etc. What more could you have asked for in the free price range?


Amazing SEO keyword tool like KWFinder enable its users in searching for long-tail keywords that has lower competition levels. It not only help you in the search for the best set of keywords but also evaluates your ranking. You can also run accurate analysis reports on SERP and backlinks with this tool. If that’s not enough, it also helps in finding countless new keyword ideas. As you know, better keywords can enable you to rank your website even in a higher position.


GSC is a gold mine and one of the best free SEO tools. The tool is customized for newbie webmasters to get started with SEO. Whatever the size of your site or blog is, if you are not well-acquainted with SEO, Google’s praiseworthy Search Console and the countless user-friendly tools should be your first calling port, eyes closed. It comes adorned with a suite of tools that provides you with rich information about your website at a glance. Alongside that, it can evaluate the performance and track potential problems that it can troubleshoot.


It is a brilliant platform with some amazing SEO tools. The tools can help you enhance the traffic, increase the rankings, and improve the visibility of your website across SERPs. Its primary tools can help you to audit your site with the help of Moz Pro Spider. It also includes a keyword research tool that can help you to evaluate which keyword combinations would be best for targeting.


When it comes to outstanding SEO and digital marketing solutions, SERPSTAT is the one-stop-shop. Beginning from running the ad and content marketing campaigns, optimization of SEO, conducting keyword research, to PPC analysis- it can help you with everything. Not only that, but it also helps the website owners hugely to track the backlinks of their competitors completely.

Next time you are in search of the best SEO tools in the market, give this article a thorough read. Use the aforementioned paid and free SEO tools in the market. Through the use of these impeccable tools, you can not only take control of the traffic of your website but also optimize the placement of your website within the rankings successfully.

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