How to Submit Website to Search Engines in 2020 | Complete Guide

So you spent a lot of time and effort and let your creative juices flow in designing your website. You have included valuable content and taken tonnes of feedback to generate this awesome site. Once you publish it you expect search engines to automatically pick it up for display in search results. Truth be told, it takes more than just hitting publish. If you do not submit website to search engines then chances of it appearing in their result pages are dim.

So if you have a brand new website and you still cannot figure out why your site is not appearing in the search result pages, you possibly understand now. Websites like Google work on their inbuilt indexes and if your page or website is not in their index then it cannot be found. “Do I need to submit my website to search engines and pay for it?”, to this obvious question the answer is no. You can definitely submit website to search engines free. In this article, we will find out how.

How do search engines work?

There are programs called “bots” in search engines that crawl the web and create massive indices of all things on the internet. They depend on links from one page to another in order to discover them. So it is probable that your website would be found even if you do not submit website to search engines, but it could take weeks. The major players in the search engine market find it easier to rank your website based on keywords if you have manually submitted your website to them.

Why submitting website to search engines is important?

There are many reasons to submit website to search engines, and none not to. Let’s see some of them:

  • Efforts are low and rewards are high – It takes just 2-3 minutes to submit website to search engines free.
  • Provide information about your website – By publishing your website manually to search engines you are able to give information about the importance of each of your pages which the search engines cannot figure out by themselves.
  • Dashboard access – You get access to the search engines’ dashboard when you submit them. This gives you valuable information like how well you are doing on the web, alerts if any potential problem with your website and many such useful stuff.

How to submit website to search engines?

Now we will take a look at some of the most important search engines and how to submit your website to them.

How to submit a website to Google:

You would need a Google account and a website or tool called Google Search Console to submit a website to Google. There are 2 ways to do it as outlined below:

  • Method 1 – By submitting and XML Sitemap – XML (extensible markup language) is a markup language. To create a sitemap you would need to list all your page URLs in XML format. The image below shows a readable XML sitemap:

Your sitemap is located in your domain/sitemap.xml.  You could also try to look for it in robots.txt file. Type domainname/robots.txt and you will be able to see the following in your file if your website has a sitemap:

  • Once you have located your sitemap, go to the search console and select your website and paste your sitemap URL
    • Click on Submit.

The same process can be repeated for multiple sitemaps.

  • Method 2 – Manually submit a new web page with Google – A site with sitemap is crawled by Google at regular intervals, If you add a brand new page or pages to your website and want it submitted faster then you could use the method as described below:
    • Log in to the Google search console
    • Enter your website URL in the search bar which is right at the top
  • If your page has not been indexed then Google lets you know so with a button “Request Indexing”, click on that button. In case your page is indexed then you would see something like the image below:

How to submit website to Bing:

Similar to Google search console we have Bing webmaster tool for submitting websites. In case you do not have your Bing Webmaster tool account set up then you can also authenticate it with your Google account. Clicking on import would import your sites to Bing.

Submitting a website with Bing is very similar to that of Google search console.

  • Choose “Sitemaps” from the menu
  • Paste your sitemap URL
  • Hit Submit

How to submit a website to Yahoo:

You do not need to do anything extra with this since Yahoo is powered by Bing. If you have submitted your site to Bing then it automatically gets submitted to Yahoo.

Though it is possible that search engines would find your website even without specifically submitting it to them, it is always better to submit them. For one, you do not need to pay and you can submit website to search engines free. It also brings a host of benefits as you can provide additional information about your pages to the search engine making it easy for them to crawl and find you.

You could also promptly let the search engines know whenever there is an update or change in your website pages.


How do I submit my website to Google?

You need to register with Google Search Console to be able to submit our site to Google. Login to your account and follow the below steps

  • Click on the “Search” drop-down and select “Add a property”. You will be able to add a maximum of 100 properties to your account
  • Enter or paste your website URL into the box and then click on “Continue”. Your URL must be complete with “Http” as well as “/” at the end. If your site uses www or https then you must add properties for those as well.
  • Google has multiple ways of verifying your site hence they also suggest that you add multiple ways to get your site verified.
  • You can check with your host provider as to which method applies to you    
  • There is an “HTML tag” option, click on it to expand. Copy the meta tag portion mentioned there by right-clicking and selecting “copy” option or click “ctrl + c”
  • Log in to your WordPress site and go to your dashboard.
  • From the left sidebar choose “SEO’ and then select “General”
  • The general page contains all the fields that are required to pass the webmaster tool’s various verification codes. In the field “Google verification Code”, paste the code and click on “Save changes”

How do I add my website to Bing search engine?

TO submit URLs to Bing you need to visit Bing Webmaster at Once you are there you need to add your site (if not done already). One good thing is that you do not need to go through verification code and can import directly from Google Search Console.  To submit a whole site:

  • Click on the “Sitemaps” tab.
  • On the top right of your screen, you can find the “Submit Sitemap” button, click on that.
  • It will open a popup where you can enter your Sitemap’s URL. You can resubmit an already submitted Sitemap by clicking on it and re-entering.
  • If you only wish to submit a URL then that can be done by using Bing’s URL submission tool which is available on the left side menu bar.

How do you get on the first page of Google without paying?

After you submit Website to Search Engines there are many SEO techniques you can use to rank high on a Google search results page:

  • Use the right keywords or phrase which are trending and relevant to your business. Each page of your website must have different keywords so that they are not competing with each other.
  • Give a relevant and engaging title, meta description, URL, and ALT tags for your images so that Google can find you easily.
  • Emphasize your location, like your city or industry, on your website so that Google picks up that information to present as a “near me” option
  • Optimize your pages for mobile as people are using Smartphones more and more every day
  • Optimize pages for faster loading speed

How do I make my website searchable?

You can easily submit website to search engines free but you would need to tweak your website and pages for SEO to be searchable. Some tips to do that are:

  • Every page must be optimized with rich content. It should be precise and compact with target keywords. If you have pages that do not have much content then label them with “noindex” and “nofollow” attributes.
  • Every page must have a unique title and meta description
  • Make sure you do not have any 404 error on your site’s pages
  • Have social share icons on your pages so that your page can be easily shared. This will get you more inbound links
  • Optimize images by compressing them. Write a description for the images and include alt tags
  • Make pages load faster by means of caching plug-ins, removing unnecessary metadata and plug-ins, optimizing images, etc.

How does Google see my site?

The Googlebot crawler in Google crawls the web and gets information from all the URLs that match the submitted query. After that, it builds an index of the returned data which is presented to the user as search result pages. You can better your chances of getting seen by Google by utilizing the following tips:

  • Create a sitemap for your site with Google sitemap generator or
  • Make sure to sign up for your site with Google’s webmaster tool so that your site is being indexed and returned by Google.
  • You could also ask Google to index your site by visiting

How do you check if page is indexed by Google?

You can check if your site is indexed by Google by using the “index coverage report” feature of Google search console. Alternatively, you can do this by entering your site name prefixed by “site:” i.e. “site:” in Google’s search box. This will return all the pages that have been indexed by Google along with meta tags of all the indices. If a page is not returned then that means it is not indexed.

Which search engine is best?

The Google search engine is the best search engine in the world. It owns almost 70% of the search engine market. This is followed closely by YouTube now.

What happens when a search engine indexes a page?  

After a search engine has finished crawling your page it creates an index of the discovered pages. This enables super fast responses to a search entered by users. By using this index the search engine does not need to go through individual pages and their content which can be a very slow process. The index contains a database of text elements along with pointers to the location or document which has those text element.

How often does Google crawl a website?

Googlebot regularly crawls content on the web to update its index. How often a website is crawled depends on many factors like domain authority, mobile-friendliness, analytical performance, page speed, backlinks, etc. Sites that have high-quality content are usually crawled more often. Based on these factors the frequency of a crawl could be a few days to a few weeks. You can check crawl stats of your site with Google Search Console.

How do I submit a sitemap to Bing?

You can submit a sitemap to Bing by 3 methods:

  • From your Bing webmaster tools account by either using the sitemap widget available on site’s dashboard or through the Sitemaps feature.
  • You can also advertise your sitemap in the robots.txt file with the “Sitemap:” directive
  • You could use an HTTP request to ping the Bing server


Now that you know about how to submit website to search engines and also the process of how to submit website to search engines, we hope that you all will be able to make a website and submit website to search engines. In case of any doubt, you can drop a comment or query in our comment box.

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