Best free SEO tools in 2020

SEO stands for search engine optimization. One can say SEO is a process to develop, optimize, and adjust your website in such a way that it is easily accessible and found by search engines like Google, etc.

SEO tools highlight the problems and weaknesses of a website. This can affect the website ranking and so needs attention. Here SEO tools help to determine the issues of the website and optimize it in a way to function efficiently with suggested improvements.

It is not necessary to use paid SEO tools. There are a variety of tried and tested free SEO tools that give the best results.

The best SEO tools give you platform for building and analyzing links, research on keywords for an accurate search to prioritize and discover the perfect keyword, comparison with competitors so that intelligent link building becomes possible, local listing audits, the impact of location on local search engines and directories, performance of webpage, etc.

Free SEO tools

The SEO tools can be classified in various categories as follows:

  • Keyword Research Tools
  • On-page SEO tools
  • Content marketing
  • Link building tools
  • Technical SEO tools
  • Rank Tracking Tools
  • Analytics tools
  • Local SEO tools
  • Other tools

Let us discuss all these categories and tools under them one by one.

Keyword Research tools

SEO Tools

This kind of SEO tools assists in finding more keyword suggestions. This also helps in finding perfect keywords relevant to the topic. Also, a topic search is possible by these free SEO tools. Following are the Google SEO tools under this category

Answer The Public(ATP):

This keyword tool visualizes search questions and suggests auto-complete searches in an image called a search cloud.

Answer The Public collects auto-complete data from search engines and then cranks out every relevant phrase and question around the keyword. It is like a consumer insight that can be used to create fresh ultra-useful content products and services the customer really wants. One can say it is like finding questions, prepositions, alphabetical, comparisons, and all the related searches from the minds of the customer.

Google Keyword Planner

It is Google SEO tool which engenders new keywords, monitors monthly searches, determines cost, organizes keywords, and create new campaigns for in-depth keyword research

Keyword generator:

The keyword generator makes one creative to search for keywords that align with the website, marketing strategy, and goals. The keyword generator finds up to 150 keyword ideas for any keyword. Along with it it also finds a list of 50 questions like queries. The keyword difficulty score is also determined for the first 10 keywords.

However, it should be noted that the search volume and keyword difficulty score are country-specific.

Google trends:

Google trends is again a Google SEO tool. The popularity of various queries that are searched in different regions and languages is analyzed by Google trends. This website is one of a kind and uses graphs and compares different queries that are searched in Google search. This website has an added feature to compare the relative search volume of searches between two or more terms. This tool allows for the tracking of various words and phrases that are typed in Google’s search box.


Keyworddit pulls keywords from Reddit. Speed and relevance are the two major features of Keyworddit. Once a keyword is entered in subreddit and time frame is specified, then after looking through the titles and comments, more than 500 keywords along with search volumes are extracted. This data is pooled from Grepwords.

The Google SEO tool pools “people also asked” data and presents what users of a website are actually searching. This free SEO tool not only allows us to get niche questions but also determines the relationship between the same.

Keyword surfer:

A keyword surfer is an extension that gives a benefit to search volumes in Google search itself. Along with search volumes keyword suggestions, related terms, visibility metrics, and on-page data are also provided by Keyword surfer. So accordingly the content can be planned and also the difficulty level is ascertained.


Ubbersuggest lets you understand the seasonality pattern of the search for a particular keyword by showing the trend of its search in the last 12 months. This tool suggests keywords on the basis of competition, comparison, preposition, and questions. The additional feature that prevails here that it shows the ranking of the links of the website.


This SEO tool is a Google suggest version for play store, Youtube and Amazon


It is an SEO tool which does an opposite work, it prompts such questions which normally people want to get answered from different websites

Adwords and SEO permutation Generator:

This is a unique SEO tool where one searches a few terms and this tool gives you a result of a combination of variations that can be build up from the given terms

Bulk keyword generator:

The Bulk keyword generator is best for local service companies to find local keywords. It is the best keyword tool for small and local businesses. Once the business type is selected, it will generate local keywords for the industry.

Word tracker Scout:

This is a browser extension that suggests keyword ideas from any and every website or webpage. However, the keywords are suggested based on the volume and relevance of the term input.

Search volume.lo:

This free SEO tool is more popular in Brazil, Italy, and France. This tool analyses popularity of a keyword by bulk upload of keywords almost up to 800 words.

Google location changer:

This Google SEO tool can assist in changing the location of the Google search so that one can understand the keyword is searched in which country or region

On-page SEO tools

On page SEO Tools

These SEO tools are so designed that enhance the web page so that it earns a higher ranking in search engines.

Rank Math:

Rank Math is SEO tool provides built-in suggestions of keywords and other content, the SEO settings can also be customized and the webpages can be indexed to design a website with structured data


SERPsim is a google SEO tool popular for its features of downloading META data which already exist, save and share the work, copy and save the snippet data.

Google’s Rich Results test:

Rich results test include elements like images, corousels, or non-textual structured data to modify it to include in the snippets

Merkle’s Schema Markup generator:

This free SEO tool can be used to design JASON-LD markup along with all its relevant properties and other elements.

SEO toolbar:

SEO toolbar creates reports for meta description, headers, hreflang tags, word count, OG tags, broken links, redirect chains, etc

Content Marketing

These Free SEO tools make it easier and accessible to create and design content marketing. This in turn results in more search traffic.

Animalz Revive:

This SEO tool helps you analyze which content on a page is losing its ranking since it did not have any traffic. This way one can shortlist the content which is not relevant over a period of time.

Google Search Console:

A web service that helps webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of the websites is done by Google Search Console. It allows a webmaster to submit and check a sitemap. When Googlebot visits a particular site it helps to check and set the crawl rate and view its statistics. Search queries or Search Analytics  helps in getting the total clicks total impressions, search types and date periods

Hreflang tag generator:

This SEO tool is used to generate tags on the content to determine that this content is earmarked for a particular language and country

Portent Title Generator:

This SEO tool helps create eye catching titles so that it brings interest and attraction to the readers

Title capitalization tool:

This tool sorts the data to capitalize on the same


This SEO tool is a boon to keep a check on grammatical mistake and spelling errors

Google SERP tool:

This Google SEO tool keeps a check on the pixel count of the Meta tag

Link Building tools

These SEO tools help the web page designer to obtain and earn as many links as possible.

  • Backlink checker: Backlink checker states reports of linked pages, anchor texts, ratings and scores
  • This SEO tool is very helpful to find an email address that is linked to a particular web page.
  • Broken Link Checker: Broken link checker indicates broken outbound and inbound broken links. Such an opportunity can be encashed to finding and regenerating or reclaiming such links
  • Scraper: This is an extension to rake and sweep data from any webpage or website
  • Help a Reporter: This free SEO tool connects journalists seeking expertise to their sources
  • Streak: A streak is an SEO tool that has features to send bulk emails and keep a track of it, etc
  • Moz Bar: Moz Bar helps one identify the domain and page authority so that this can be used to cornerstone such sites which has the highest authority
  • SEOgadget for excel: This SEO tool makes it easy to extract data to excel from Moz and majestic
  • Backlinks: Backlinks are said to be a vote of confidence for the content of your website from another website. It is one of the most important SEO tool that is considered for organic search ranking.

Technical SEO tools

Technicalities of a webpage or a website are taken care of  by these SEO tools

  • Screaming frog: This is a website crawler SEO tool that audits, examines, inspects and scrutinize the technical SEO issues
  • Cloudflare: Cloudflare is a protective SEO tool which prevents malicious attack and speeds up the website
  • GTMetrix: It keeps a check on the loading speed of the website and the performance of the same.
  • Google’s Mobile friendly test: All the suggestions to design the website more mobile friendly are given by this SEO tool
  • Smush: This is one of a kind WordPress plugin for compressing, editing and optimizing images
  • Where Goes: Redirecting a path again and again through a website reduces its ranking and also inflates poor experience to the users. Where Goes keeps control on the redirect paths of the webpage
  • HEADMasterSEO: The status code can be checked in bulk with this free SEO tool
  • Keep-alive Validation SEO tool: This tool can be used when the capability of the resolute connection is to verified
  • Chrome Dev tools: This is a debugging tool for a web page. It also keeps a check on the performance of the web page with regards to speed, accuracy, etc
  • SEO analyzer: SEO analyzer analyzes and recommends duplicate meta tags, site speed, redirect errors, etc for free every week
  • Pagespeed insights: This tool determines the problem that hinders the speed of the website and also recommends solutions to improve it
  • Woorank: Woorank is an SEO tool for beginners as it has a very easily accessible interface and it gives a report about any and every error in your webpage with its systematic diagnosis also.
  • SEOptimer: The simple tool SEOptimer reports all the technical aspects, loading speed on the different devices, and also the social media sharing reports
  • 301 Redirect Code generator: Even when the URL of a page is changed but the old rankings continue with the help of this very effective tool
  • XML Sitemaps: A sitemap can be submitted to Google through this SEO tool

Rank Checking Tools

Now when everything is perfect it is also important to keep a track where the website ranks on the search engine, these tools play an important role in the same.

  •  SERP checker: SERP checker identifies and reports about the ranking of the keywords, search traffic, backlinks, and domain reference in almost all the countries.
  • Local Search Results checker: It is a kind of global search checker which enables you to check the result from any place, city or location and in any specified language
  • Mobile SERP test: Similar to Local Search result checker this tool enables to check the rankings through mobile from any location
  • Search Latte: The ranking of the webpage or keyword can be checked manually with Search Latte

Analytics Tools

Analytics tools are tool build to examine, inspect, scrutinize the data, information, and content of a web page or a website.

  • Google Analytics: This Google SEO tool is one of its kind which analyzes the total data and content of the website and improvises the marketing of the website
  • Google data studio: The requirement of interactive reporting measures and dashboard can be done with this SEO tool by merging data from different places
  •  Word press SEO Plugin: Monitoring of backlink and ultimately modifying the content of the web page is done by this tool

Local SEO tools

Google my business:

The appearance and surfacing the business in local maps and searches is predominant. Thus a profile is created on Google my business so as to keep the presence in local area intact

Whitespark’s Google business Review Link Generator:

It is basically a customer review tool which creates a shareable link which can be sent through various ways to seek review from the customers and utilize the same for our benefit

Whitespark Local Citation finder:

NAP citation opportunities can be achieved through this SEO tool.

Frequently asked Questions

1. What are the best SEO tools?

As per the digital survey, the most recommended and popular SEO tools are Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Answer the Public, Screaming Frog,  Woorank, Link Research Tools, Ontolo, Whitespark, Google Search Console, etc

2. What are Google SEO tools?

Google SEO tools are the search engine optimization tools for enhancing the content and the information on the webpage so that it is easily found on search engines like Google

3. Are SEO tools worth it?

SEO tools are meant to find out problems in a website and also solutions for the same. The main purpose behind it is to inflate the ranking of the website and make it function efficiently and with full optimization

4. Is Google Analytics an SEO tool?

Yes Google analytics is an SEO tool, which analyzes the total data and content of the website and improvises the marketing of the website

5. Where do I start with SEO?

The SEO should start with the targeted keyword followed by the description of the details and information on the website. The primary keyword should be present only once whereas the page should contain relevant information.

6. How is the SEO score calculated?

The SEO score quantifies and evaluates the technical aspect and the user interface of the website for ranking status and optimization of the search engines as well as organic traffic. The performance of the website in its features like technical, user-friendly, content, and mobile user interface decides the SEO score.


It is always advisable to use free SEO tools when in the initial business stage. Consequently, when the business prospers and the requirement is high paid SEO tools can also be used for better performance results.

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