7 Google Alternative: Most Powerful Search Engines in 2020

A tool that is useful to search for any kind of information from the worldwide web systematically with the help of a query asked by the user is known as Search Engine. Google currently dominates the market but in recent times issues about violating user privacy,  filter bubble and other security threats have forced the people to look out for Google alternatives.

A Search Engine is a software system that is useful for everything and brings the whole world into the hands of an individual. There are few which are very popular, in a vast search engine list. There are three different kinds of search engines classified based on researches. They are navigational, informational, and transactional.

Overview of Search Engines   

The Google Search Engine captures the major part of the world market. Because many individuals, irrespective of age, can’t pass out a day without using Google, even though we have several search engines other than Google, it dominates all other search engines. It is accessible to that extent even a small kid also knows about google. 

We have many Search Engines other than Google to get the information to our query. Among all, we will see  the most famous and useful search engines list  is as follows,

  • Yahoo
  • Qwant
  • Start Page
  • Ecosia
  • Duck Duck Go
  • Bing
  • Swiss Cows

Following are the striking features of each of the above mentioned search engines-

  • Yahoo 
Search Engine

Yahoo search engine was the king of all the search engines a few years ago. It is a product which came from California. Yahoo mainly focuses on the collection of personal data to satisfy more and give satisfactory results. It is not only a former king but also a current competitor. It provides a piece of decent information which attracts more people and starts expansion too.

Then the Microsoft company made a deal with Yahoo and merged with bingo then acted as Microsoft search alliance. The fundamental drawback of the Yahoo search engine is, unable to keep the personal information confidential. This helped Google to rise and occupy the market share. 

  • Qwant 

Qwant came into existence in the year of 2013 in France.It is accessible in 26 dialects. Also, it has maps, kids, software, etc. It took the support from being in the earlier stage. It does not collect personal details and data. So it always depends on its web crawlers. It uses specific shortcuts to search.

Mozilla made a deal between Qwant and Firefox. Later many changes had taken place. It keeps on updating itself according to user requirements. It mainly uses EU programming. It always tries to be unique from the other search engines. But it fails to compete with others, due to lack of geo-location details. It is unable to show specific results like nearby places as it doesn’t know where the user is located.

  • Start Page 

The origin of the start Page search engine is in the Netherlands. It is an extension ixquick. These were founded in 1998, and many developments had taken place. We can use this through 17 languages. It also implemented mail services. Similar to the previous search engine, it is also an EU based searching tool.

Anonymous View is its essential strength. Start Page also complies GDPR, as it is a European Union based search engine. It doesn’t collect personal data and stores the IP addresses. This helps to maintain it’s privacy policy at the top position. This is one of the popular search engines in recent years.

  • Ecosia 

Ecosia was launched in the year of 2009 in Germany.This decade old search engine is also eco friendly. It donates amounts for the process of reforestation and wants to reduce the carbon dioxide level, which is released while using any search engine like Google. It is a unique search engine other than Google.

It takes specific information and stores it for seven days. Then it just removes the data. It never encourages copying IP addresses. Improving web services is the only motive and not to create cookies etc. It lacks its service at the privacy point as it is a partner of bingo. The options in videos are amazing aspects of this search engine. 

  • Duck Duck Go 

The abbreviated form is DDG. It is named for the kids to attract as Duck, Duck, Goose. It is a search engine that came from the U.S in the year 2008. In the short term, it stood as a competitor of Google. It never concentrates on personal details and cookies. It takes sources from nearly 400 web searches and also from crowdsourced sites. It believes in its web crawlers.

It has many highlights to compete with Google-like usage of bangs, which directly takes to the exact site with the help of shortcuts and keywords. It provides quick and accurate answers. It also has high access. It is a pure employment basis with the help of advertisements. It also introduces the voice search feature.

  • Bing 

Microsoft is the owner of this Bing search engine. It has many similarities with Google-like maps, translation, voice search, time zones, etc. But it occupies six per cent of market share due to its policies. The information is not confidential. It directly reaches the Microsoft tech group.

Bing stood second in the search engines list. It provides SERPs. It is deplorable in quality. It made deals with other search engines like Yahoo, MSN search from 2009. We can access this search engine in 40 languages. It is also a good search engine other than Google.

  • Swiss Cows

As the name suggests Swiss cows, developed in Switzerland. It always takes the support of Bing. It is restricted to specific sites like violence or any other abuse. But it doesn’t sound right and pushes it back in the search engines list. It is a family-friendly search engine. The drawback is the continuous refining of search results. It won’t show the answer directly.


1. What is the best search engine?

Ans. Presently, Google stood in first place in the best search engines list.

2. What are the top five search engines?

Ans. It varies from one to another. In general, we have,

  • Google
  • Weibo
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • Yandex
  • YouTube etc.

3. How many search engines are there?

Ans. We have more than 140 search engines in the world.

4. What are the three types of search engines?

Ans. The primary three types of search engines are navigational, informational, and transactional.

5. Why is google bad?

Ans. Google is not secure for personal data and also avoids taxation.

6. Is DDG a VPN?

Ans. No. It is not a VPN, it is a search engine.

7. What are the disadvantages of search engines?

Ans. Apart from many benefits, we have several testing issues, privacy issues, slow in operation, etc. are the disadvantages.

8. What is the most secure search engine?

Ans. Start Page is the most secure search engine.

9. Does Google own DDG?

Ans. The Duck Duck Go is a separate search engine launched by the U.S., But later the ownership is transferred to Google.


Search Engine is a software which helps us to provide massive information on any kind of question from various aspects. We have a big search engine list, and each has its pros and cons. Google is placed in the topmost position in the search engines list.

Even though it is good that we have several search engines other than Google. Most of the search engines are harmful because of their privacy policies. Our information may not be secured in any particular search engine. So it is better to know all the aspect of a search engine and choose your desired search engine.

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