Popular YouTube tags in 2020

Ever wondered what makes some videos appear every time in search results, even though different keywords are used to search for related content. This is because the usage popular youtube tags.

Youtube is the second most used search engine after Google, and therefore it has the best algorithm for ranking the videos. While YouTube takes into account several parameters to find relevancy with the user search queries, it has considered Tags as the deciding factor in the positioning of the videos amongst the top search results. This will also help to increase the visibility of the video on Google search results. So the next question popping out of your mind will be on finding the most popular tags on YouTube.

Youtube tag is simply a keyword or phrase given to describe the content of your video. It will give the user an idea about your video. A tag will help the search engine display your videos on the search results page.  For instance, your video will appear in the search results, when a user searches using a keyword that matches your video tag or related content. So, you must craft your video tags wisely.

How to use popular YouTube tags?

Youtube has given the flexibility to use any number of tags provided the total characters do not exceed 500. It means the tags must contain keywords that can perfectly describe your video. Given below are some tips to make your tags more effective and help stand above your competitors.

Youtube algorithm gives more weightage to the first keyword tag, and so your main target should be to keep it exactly describing your video followed by other tags. For YouTube keyword research: Take the help of a keyword planner tools like Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer. to find out the ideal and popular tags on YouTube for your video.

Ideally, your first tag should be one or max two words and specific to your video content. For instance, if your video is related to the recipe of a mango smoothie, try using Mango smoothie as your first keyword tag to indicate YouTube that your video is connected to Mango.

The next few tags should cover some specific words, or phrases such as making a smoothie, best summer smoothies, healthy fruit shakes to best describe to YouTube about your specific coverage of the video.

The last set of tags is usually generic to relate the content of your video. For the above example, you can use tags such as fruits, healthy food, foodie, instafood, food lover, Alphonso, etc. You can optimize your video tag by browsing the popular YouTube tags list on the free online tools.

We have used one online tool to find the popular tags on YouTube associated with our example of Mango smoothie. These tools help us decide on the most viewed or popular YouTube tags, and using it as the tag for the video increases the number of views.

Popular Youtube Tags of 2020

Let us now look at the trending and popular YouTube tags or searches as of 2020 – worldwide.



# Keyword Search Volume
1 BTS 17,630,000
2 Pewdiepie 16,320,000
3 Asmr 13,910,000
4 billie eilish 13,860,000
5 baby shark 12,090,000
6 Badabun 11,330,000
7 Blackpink 10,390,000
8 old town road 10,150,000
9 Music 9,670,000
10 peliculas completas en
11 Fortnite 9,010,000
12 pewdiepie vs t series 8,720,000
13 Minecraft 8,560,000
14 Senorita 8,290,000
15 ariana grande 7,890,000
16 alan walker 7,560,000
17 Calma 7,390,000
18 tik tok 7,270,000
19 Musica 7,140,000
20 bad bunny 7,040,000
21 Wwe 6,870,000
22 Queen 6,660,000
23 Eminem 6,600,000
24 enes batur 6,600,000
25 la rosa de Guadalupe 6,300,000
26 ed sheeran 6,230,000
27 taki taki 6,180,000
28 Despacito 6,030,000
29 peppa pig 6,030,000
30 Songs 5,490,000
31 Maluma 5,240,000
32 Michael Jackson 5,240,000
33 t series 5,240,000
34 paulo londra 5,180,000
35 Ozuna 5,060,000
36 bad guy 4,830,000
37 taylor swift 4,690,000
38 free fire 4,630,000
39 Youtube 4,630,000
40 imagine dragons 4,580,000
41 Karaoke 4,560,000
42 Twice 4,540,000
43 Nightcore 4,530,000
44 geo news live 4,490,000
45 Anuel 4,460,000
46 Roblox 4,460,000
47 james Charles 4,370,000
48 aaj tak live 4,360,000
49 7 rings 4,350,000
50 justin bieber 4,330,000
51 bruno mars 4,290,000
52 kill this love 4,250,000
53 post Malone 4,240,000
54 Doraemon 4,180,000
55 gacha life 4,170,000
56 Markiplier 4,160,000
57 China 4,080,000
58 game of thrones 4,050,000
59 Marshmello 4,020,000
60 Музыка 3,890,000
61 maroon 5 3,880,000
62 bohemian rhapsody 3,850,000
63 linkin park 3,850,000
64 dance monkey 3,830,000
65 anuel aa 3,820,000
66 felipe neto 3,780,000
67 5 minute crafts 3,760,000
68 lady gaga 3,740,000
69 Dross 3,690,000
70 cardi b 3,640,000
71 los polinesios 3,630,000
72 Squeezie 3,610,000
73 con calma 3,520,000
74 Coldplay 3,510,000
75 Rihanna 3,510,000
76 selena Gomez 3,510,000
77 Mikecrack 3,500,000
78 Rap 3,490,000
79 Pubg 3,460,000
80 Sia 3,450,000
81 Soolking 3,450,000
82 Drake 3,430,000
83 funny videos 3,410,000
84 shawn mendes 3,410,000
85 Jacksepticeye 3,390,000
86 vegetta777 3,380,000
87 Song 3,370,000
88 Movies 3,360,000
89 Аид 3,360,000
90 Cocomelon 3,340,000
91 dua lipa 3,320,000
92 joe rogan 3,310,000
93 avengers endgame 3,290,000
94 david dobrik 3,270,000
95 romeo santos 3,270,000
96 Slime 3,250,000
97 gta 5 3,230,000
98 Believer 3,200,000
99 Barbie 3,180,000
100 daddy y yankee 3,180,000

Two third of the search results from the popular YouTube tags list constitute artists, songs, and group band.


The simplest way is to look for popular tags on YouTube but you can use online tools to help you find the popular YouTube tags for your videos. For example Tube Buddy, VidIQ, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, Google trends, KeywordTool.io, etc. A tube buddy helps when a user is trying to build the popular Youtube tags lists for the video.

YouTube Tagging is similar to Metadata that helps in enhancing the search of your video on YouTube. Tags will allow YouTube to understand your video type, category and to make your video relate with similar content  

You can add tags for the new videos uploaded or for already uploaded videos.

Step-1: You will have to first sign in to your Youtube Studio.

Step-2: Click on create on the top right corner – Upload Video.

Step-3: Select your relevant file to upload

Step-4: Now click on More Options, and you can find the space, to add tags for your videos.

To add tags to your already uploaded videos:

Step-1: You will have to first sign in to your Youtube Studio.

Step-2: On the left side of the menu, select the Videos tab, and then click on your relevant video.

Step–3: You can add the tags.

Tagging your video facilitates the search engine mechanism to discover your video and displaying it when a user searches for related queries. Sometimes, a tag will help YouTube show your video under the recommended video section when a user is playing related content, thus increasing the chances of more views than getting it through YouTube search. 

Below are some of the tips to increase your YouTube views:

  • Give interesting and descriptive titles to your video.
  • Video tags.
  • Use of relevant high-quality image ie thumbnail.
  • Giving good content to your video which can be educating or entertaining, or both

The YouTube Fake engagement Policy describes stringent norms and legal actions in case you are found faking the views. However, there have been instances where people have created fake views for their video/channel on YouTube, but it has landed them in trouble with heavy penalties from YouTube. YouTube algorithms use behavior analytics as a ranking factor.

Following are the contents that make most money on YouTube:-

  • Vlogging
  • Music playlists
  • Short films
  • Dance
  • Product reviews


We all know that Youtube is a video sharing platform and world’s second search engine, but we all need to understand that YouTube algorithm doesn’t only take into account the number of followers you have or the video quality. Youtube takes into account the tags you are using. In the world where more or less everyone owns a quality camera, its the popular Youtube tags that rule the world.

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