What are Open Graph Tags: Everything you Need to Know

Open Graph tags 

Open graph meta tags are a small piece of abstract of code that controls how URLs are displayed when shared on social media. They are also a part of the open graph protocol of Facebook and are being used by many other social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. These are easily found on the head section of the webpage. Facebook Open Graph Tags looks something like this:

Open Graph Tags

Open Graph Tags are of great significance because of the following three reasons:

  • The content in the social media feeds looks more eye protruding
  • It tells people in a glance about what the content is actually about
  • They also help Facebook in understanding what the content is about, which can further help in raising brand visibility through repeated searches.

Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags brings up the popular articles and posts that the people have already shared on the app. Open Graph Tags are the tags from where every title and image come. Even though when nothing is reciprocated for the searches, Facebook will still display matching content shared in pages or groups followed by you or by your friends.

A snippet is also created by Open Graph Meta Tags when a link is sent through direct messages using applications that support the Open Graph Protocol. For example, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, inclusive of iMessage and slack. 

Facebook has a list of about seventeen Facebook Open Graph Tags in their official documents, including dozens of object types. Following are the four significant Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags-

1. Og: title 

It is the title of your page. It focuses on the accuracy and clicks ability, including the value. It is advisable to keep the title short and precise. Avoid including branding.

2.Og: URL

It shows the URL of the content. It helps in consolidation of connected data such as likes across all the URLs which are duplicate posted.

3.Og: image

It displays the image URL for the social snippet. This tag is the most significant and vibrant Open Graph Meta Tags because it occupies the most social feed real estate. 


It displays the type of object being shared by you, for example, article or website.

5.Og: description

It gives a brief description of the content. It should be kept short and precise. Usually, two to four sentences are under recommendation by Facebook.

6.Og: locale

It defines the language of the content. It should for the content which is not written in American English Language only.

An open graph tag can be set up in WordPress easily by installing the Yoast’s SEO plugin. The first step after installation is to visit the editor to find an SEO box. The last step is to hit the social tab and then hit the Facebook tab.

Open graph tags can also be set up manually by digging into a website code and adding Open Graph tags in the “head” section of the web page. Mega Tags or Web Code Tools are the markup generator tools that help to reduce errors in syntax. Various tags are in use to make sure that Open Graph tags are working correctly:

  • Facebook Sharing Debugger
  • Twitter card validator
  • LinkedIn post inspector

They all work in the same manner and prevents issues where tags are not displayed correctly or pulled up accurately and effectively. If you want to turn your web page into a graph object, all you need to do is use the Open Graph protocol meta tag and the like button after that. Marketers often need these tags to post better content on their social media handle

When Open Graph Tags are the head section of a webpage, social networking becomes much more comfortable and helps in finding correct information and data for each part of the post on social media. Open Graph Tags are the specific pieces of the information that can be inserted into the webpages by the publishers for the knowledge of which site attributes to pull into the post on social media. 

Meta Description:

These metadata description is very relatable to the meta description in HTML as this is the place where your content is described instead of displaying on a search engine results page, it shows right below the link title on Facebook. It will never affect your SEO. This description is thus an attribute which helps in providing a summary of any web page. Google and other search engines often display the meta description in the search results, which directly influences the click-through rates. 

The meta description is, therefore, a short and simple paragraph of text located in the HTML of a web page which explains its content. It appears under the URL of the page in the search results. It is also called as a snippet or a small and short piece of the abstract. Every meta description must be in between one hundred and forty words to one hundred and sixty words approximately. A meta description must always be in the active voice only. It must be made sure that the right value is conveyed to the reader. 


  1. How do I add open graph tags to my website?

Visit the editor for the page or a post and the scroll. A Yoast SEO box will appear. The next step will be to hit the social tab, then the Facebook tab. The last and final step would be to fill this in to set oh: title, og; image, og: description. 

2. How do you check Open Graph tags?

You can go to the small stools to check the Open Graph Tags, as soon as you navigate with the website, URL of the website must be entered to check the Open Graph Tag. If any such tag is incorrect, it will be displayed.

3.What are Open Graph Tags used for?

They help any web page to become a luxurious and elegant object in any social group. Indeed, it allows any web page to function similarly to any other purpose on Facebook. 

4. How does one make Open Graph Tags?

Just go to settings of a page, then click on the social image tab and the final step is to click on the upload tab. To add other OG tabs, you need to customize the default settings through the advanced page settings. 

5. Does Google use an open graph?

No, Google does not open graph in SERP result.

6.Does twitter use an open graph?

Twitter graph tags are based on the same conventions as the Open Graph Protocols. It is effortless to develop a Twitter card without any duplication of labels and other data.

7.What is an Open Graph URL?

The og: URL is the canonical URL of the object that might only be used as the permanent ID in the graph. 

8.Does Facebook use Open Graph?

Facebook Open Graph Meta Graph is a protocol that allows the web designers to turn their websites into Facebook graph tags objects, and it will enable a specific level of customization over how information is carried over to a website page from a non-website. 


Therefore, Facebook open graph protocol will help you in gaining more visibility on social media platforms. It is important to analyse and then choose open graph tags. You can reach out to us for any questions on the comment section below.

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