This article states the top 50 websites which are visited the most in The United States and worldwide. The ranking measures and the reason for these sites being visited are also briefly summarised.

most popular websites
Most Popular Websites

A competitive analysis is also carried out to understand the reason for the popularity of these sites as well as where the traffic comes from.

Ranking Measures

The websites are ranked on the basis of site users and number of page visits by unique users.  After this, a list is created based on the ranking as the most popular websites averaging over a three months period. The highest domain of the site is then recorded.

In another method ranking of the website is done on the basis of internet service providers, users, web crawlers who scan public websites and of course the millions of users.

The popularity of a website

It can be observed that some websites are way too popular and are visited very frequently than many others. There are many reasons for it as the following:

  • The website should be so formed that it should be optimized to the tune of search engines
  • The contents of the website should be up to date and also should be updated as and when required
  • Social bookmarking the sites can be advantageous as it brings more organic traffic
  • Presence on Social media sites also is beneficial
  • The signature should always include the websites URL
  • Web hosting company‚Äôs play a very important role. The Company should be fast and secure enough to provide solutions for all web hosting issues.

List of 50 most popular websites visited in the United States as of 2020

The table below shows the details of the top 50 most popular websites as of 2020 visited in the United States. Also, the other details like monthly traffic, type of website are mentioned :

Sr. No Website Domain Monthly Traffic (in crores) Type of website
1 YouTube 162.59 Video Sharing
2 Wikipedia 103.22 Encyclopedia
3 Twitter 53.56 Social Networking
4 Facebook 51.25 Social Networking
5 Amazon 49.25 E-commerce and Cloud computing
6 Yelp 18.93 Crowdsourced local business review and social networking
7 Reddit 18.43 Social News and entertainment
8 IMDb 16.87 Database for TV movies, home videos, etc
9 Fandom 16.84 Global Pop entertainment
10 Pinterest 16.00 Image sharing and social media service
11 Tripadvisor 10.75 Shopping website, online reservations for hotel, transportation, lodging, and restaurants
12 Instagram 9.56 Photo Sharing and Social media
13 Walmart 9.50 Chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and
grocery stores
14 Craigslist 8.67 Advertisement website
15 eBay 8.54 Online auctions and Shopping
16 Linkedin 7.11 Professional networking site
17 GooglePlay 6.81 Digital distribution service
18 Healthline 6.55 Provider of health information
19 Etsy 5.96 Ecommerce
20 Indeed 5.91 Employment-related Search engine
21 Apple 5.84 Sell and advertise the products of Apple
22 ESPN 5.69 Cable sports channel
23 WebMD 5.53 Online publisher of news and information pertaining to human health and well being
24 Facebook 5.41 Social networking Site
25 New York
Times 5.35 Newspaper based
26 Google 4.58 Internet Services and products
27 Cable News
Network 4.41 News based Tv streaming
28 Merriam
Webster 4.23 Reference book and dictionaries
29 GamePedia 4.11 Playing games and downloading the same
30 Microsoft 4.09 Software and Technology
31 Target 4.00 Online shopping
32 HomeDepot 3.99 Online shopping for Home essentials
33 Quora 3.86 International question and answer website
34 NIH 3.76 Health and Human Services
35 Rotten
Tomatoes 3.69 Review aggregation for film and television
36 Netflix 3.66 Streaming TV and movies
37 Quizlet 3.58 Variety of services from a single location
38 Weather 3.38 Weather Forecast
39 MapQuest 3.35 Online web mapping service
40 Britannica 3.22 Encyclopedia
41 Business
Insider 3.17 Financial and business news
42 Dictionary 3.16 Educational main thesaurus
43 Zillow 3.15 Real estate and rental Market Place
44 MayoClinic 3.10 The non-profit organization, Public charity
45 BestBuy 3.08 Consumer Electronics retailer
46 TheGuardian 3.05 News and media
47 Yahoo! 3.02 Portal and Media
48 MSN 3.01 Web Portal
49 USAToday 2.94 News Media and Information
50 MedicalNewsToday 2.94 Medical News for Physicians and public

List of 50 most popular websites visited in the world as of 2020

The list of 50 top-visited sites worldwide that is by people in the world are as follows :

Sr. No Website Domain Monthly Traffic (in crores) Type of website
1 YouTube      856.49 Video sharing
2 Facebook      348.31 Social networking
3 Wikipedia      222.37 Encyclopedia
4 Twitter      200.88 Social Networking
5 Amazon         61.87 E-commerce and cloud computing
6 GooglePlay         59.47 Digital distribution service
7 Instagram         52.54 Photo sharing and social media
8 Wikipedia         45.05 Encyclopedia
9 Pinterest         41.98 Image sharing and social media service
10 Live         41.91 Web Portal
11 IMDb         38.93 Database for TV movies, home videos, etc
12 Wikipedia         35.73 Encyclopedia
13 WhatsApp         31.53 Social networking Sharing of images videos, Documents
14 Wikipedia         30.90 Encyclopedia
15 Fandom         30.78 Global Pop entertainment
16 Wikipedia         30.60 Encyclopedia
17 VK         29.99 Social networking
18 Reddit         27.79 Social news and entertainment
19 Wikipedia         25.39 Encyclopedia
20 Apple         21.78 Sell and advertise the products of Apple
21 Netflix         21.50 Streaming TV and movies
22 Amazon Japan         20.68 E-commerce
23 MSN         20.59 Web portal
24 Globo         20.35 News and Media
25 Linkedin         20.04 Professional Networking
26 Google         19.73 Internet Services and products
27 Yelp         19.41 Crowdsourced local business review and social networking
28 Microsoft         17.92 Software and Technology
29 UniversoOnline         17.73 Web Content, products, and services
30 Wikipedia         16.62 Encyclopedia
31 Wikipedia         15.35 Encyclopedia
32 Yahoo! Japan         15.09 Portal
33 BBC         14.51 News and Media
34 Amazon         13.50 Online shopping and cloud computing
35 TripAdvisor         13.42 Shopping website, online reservations for hotel, transportation, lodging, and restaurants
36 Rakuten Japan         13.22 E-commerce
37 Google Support         12.88 Internet Services and products
38 OfficeOnline         11.65 The cloud-based version of office tools
39 TheGuardian         11.52 News and media
40 Wikipedia         11.33 Encyclopedia
41 Amazon United
Kingdom         11.16 E-commerce
42 Yandex
Russia         11.03 Search Engine
43 HealthLine         10.48 Medical and Human Services
44 Indeed         10.46 Employment-related Search Engine
45 Daily
Motion         10.38 French Video Sharing Technology
46 eBay         10.10 Online auctions and shopping
47 Walmart         10.03 Multinational Retail Corporation
48 Wiktionary           9.55 Multi-language Dictionary
49 Craigslist           9.21 American Advertisement website
50 Nicovideo           9.18 Japanese Video sharing Service.


One can observe that few sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter which is popular in the USA are also popular in the same way in the world. So this one can say it is due to its contents. But then there are some other sites which are country-specific and are popular in that particular country. But then it is hit so many times that it comes in the popularity ranking of the World.

So it should be noted that the above data of most most popular websites visited by the USA and the world is based on the organic search traffic only. There are no direct, referral, or any other traffic sources for compiling this data.

Thus considering all the factors a website should be made and marked that it should come in the highest-ranking in the category that would be beneficial for product marketing. Not all the websites can make to the most popular websites list but we can at least try to be the most visited and popular in our category.



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