How to Use Google Trends for Better SEO | A Step-by-Step Guide

It is important for any digital marketer to know how to use google trends. Being a product of Google, Google Trends is a useful tool. Google Trends is the characteristic of searches that displays how often a given word to be searched is entered into the search engine of Google compared to the total data to be searched during a given time interval. We’re showing below what is Google Trends Curve

How to use Google Trends

SEO is search engine optimization over the internet. Google Trends deals with keywords hence give better results for Search Engine Optimization in Google.Google Trends is one of the most important tools that is not fully utilized by Google Search Engine Optimization for various operations like keyword research. In the first half, we will learn how to use google trends. Google Trends also displays searches on YouTube.

How To Use Google Trends for Market Research.

The first point that has to be kept in mind is who will be the target audience and accordingly depending on their choice the features of the product are found by Google Trends. Secondly, Google Trends identifies the demand of consumers. Thirdly, Google Trends finds out about participating brands that consumers are searching for. In today’s world traditional marketing hardly plays an effective role, so how to use Google Trends for Market Research plays a vital role. Considering examples, on how to use Google Trends for Market Research, we can generate a concrete report on sales and marketing and remove any guesses.

How To Use Google Trends to find a Niche

It is very essential to choose the correct niche. How to use Google Trends to find a niche is important because if one makes a wrong choice in the selection of a niche then one has to close the store and find a new niche and start again. Google Trends helps to overcome such mistakes. Let one start an online store on art materials. Now let us see how to use Google Trends to find a niche that is good. We go to the Google Trends tool and type in search box art material. The graph shows the interest in art material in the last twelve months.

We can change the period to get for a few years and conclude whether it was a stable or unstable niche over a season. Google Trends allows us to find out the fact that if demand is low in some countries and is high in others. In other words, it allows us to decide where it is to be marketed. When thinking of an appropriate niche, one needs to bear in mind the presence of powerful rivals. How to use Google Trends to find a niche in the case of e-commerce business is also important.

How to use Google Trends for keyword research

For better SEO, keyword research is very essential. And how to use Google Trends for keyword research is what is discussed here. Google Trends not only gives details of the present time but over a period. This featureof how to use Google Trends for Keyword research has become well-known since 2016. The way keyword research is done, Google Trends brings a new life. For better SEO, how to use Google Trends for keyword research plays an important role


1.How do I use Google Trends for SEO?

Here are several ways of how to use Google Trends for SEO:-

a) Google Trends helps to locate keywords from graphs that have become very popular or have faded away. The trend of the keyword to be searched is entered in the Google Trends tool to give its trend in the past few years or coming years.

b) One of the noted feature Google Trend use for SEO is finding similar keywords. From the list of queries entered in the tool, the search percentage of similar keywords are stated.

c) Suppose one searches for a new keyword and not a particular keyword. Then also Google Trends can be used for SEO.

d) Google Trends can be used as breakout keywords for SEO. If the term to be searched grows beyond 5000%, then we see a breakout in place of percentage

e) One uses Google Trends to search for topics that are related. A certain keyword is searched to display all the similar topics.

f) Google Trends also helps in finding keywords for searches for youtube research

2. What does 100 mean in Google Trends?

The value of Google trend is 100 means the keyword for which the search is done has got maximum value. It means that it is very favored among the searchers. It means that it is viewed and admired by a maximum number of viewers.

3. How can Google Trends be used for?

  • By using Google Trends for a product over some time one can measure its popularity. One can find when its search was at its peak.
  • By using Google Trends one can search for a certain country on a certain date. Then further one can search technical for trending searches. Hence this helps to get ready for a business trip.
  • By using Google Trends one comes to know the product is in high demand so it gets a new market
  • By using Google Trends one can pursue trends in technology.
  • By using Google Trends one has an easy way to convey.

4. How do I find trending keywords?

There are various tools for finding trending keywords. Google Trends is a tool used to compare and search for certain keywords. These are done in a few simple steps. First, in the search box of the tool located on the top, the first keyword is typed. Then compare the link on the top is clicked and the second keyword is typed in. If the need arises, the dates are adjusted. Then the result is shown.

5. How do I use Google Trends for blogs?

Google Trends helps us to track the trending of data say twelve months ago, three months ago, six years ago, and so on. Using this tool is very easy. Now we go to the fact of how to use Google trends in our blogs. Say we create a blog of cooking lessons. And from the Google Trends graph of one year, we can see there are many ups and downs and the trending. Say for the last five years the highest value is shown in December. This fact is from Google Trends. Also, we can get the fact like during this time frame in which the region was cooking lessons most popular. We can also perform searches on other criteria.

6. What does breakout mean in Google Trends?

Along with the keyword to be searched words are entered to be searched that have a notable increase in volume in the asked period of time. These terms are referred to as Rising searches. Comparing to the prior time span term’s growth is displayed as a percentage for every rising search.  If the percentage exceeds 5000%, a breakout is shown in place of a percentage.


Google trends isn’t just a tool by google but it is a life saver for many digital marketers.It is an easy to use, free tool with enhanced features.Therefore, anyone who aspires to create their place in digital space should know the in and out of google trends.

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