15 Effective Ways How to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2020

If you are a businessperson and have recently started dabbling into the world of the internet, your obvious worry would be how to drive traffic to your website. A wish that all have who want to provide products and services online. If making your website into an income-generating asset is on your mind, and you have tried it all yet, that elusive traffic of customers is far from sight; then, it is time you revamp your strategies.

Many think that SEO is the only way to achieve this goal, but you would be in for a surprise when you understand that there are so many other ways of getting that flow of prospective customers.

How to drive traffic to your website

You need to diversify how you approach the enigma of how to drive traffic to your website so that if one of them fails, you still have backup methods. SEO is undoubtedly a brilliant way to get traffic, but here in this article, we would also delve into how to drive traffic to your website for free by a couple of other means.

Before we get into the details of how to drive traffic to your website, lets us understand a few basics of the web. We will start by asking and answering a few relevant questions:

Why do you need more traffic to your website?

The most common reason is that it promotes business growth. You can gauge how well your marketing strategy is working with the amount of traffic you get daily. It also gives you a lot of insight into your audience to make strategic decisions. And finally, it helps generate more leads, converts them to customers, and increase the number of customers.

Is free and quality traffic the same?

Not really. An increase in traffic has no meaning if there is no increase in engagement. Even though your traffic is increasing, if there is a decline in conversion rates, you cannot bring in the right traffic.

Which channels can drive quality traffic to your site?

There is no one foolproof channel that will do all the work of getting you massive traffic. All this involves time, energy, and resources. Some of the best-known ways of how to drive traffic to your website for free are social media, online ads, blogging, on-page, and off-page SEO, email, etc.

For a better understanding of how all this works, here is a breakdown of traffic from various sources:

How to drive traffic to your website organically without investing money

Without further ado, let us get straight to the essential ways on how to drive traffic to your website:

  1. On-page SEO – This is the first and the most common approach of how to drive traffic to your website. Without this approach, none of your other plans would work. Getting this entails a lot of methods and techniques, some of which are:
    • Keyword optimization – Look for trending keywords in your niche and analyse search intent. Spy on keywords of your competitor with analytical tools like SemiRush, Ubersuggest to know which keywords of your competitors are getting them a lot of traffic. Incorporating long keywords is another means of how to drive mobile traffic to your website. Since people use smartphones a lot these days and with Siri and other technologies that enable users to speak rather than type in a search string, keywords are becoming more like natural language and longer.
    • Optimize page load speed – You need to make sure your pages load fast else you are losing out on customers and revenue. Optimization would mean having fewer plug-ins, optimizing images, proving alt-text for pictures, etc. These methods will also help if you are stuck with how to drive mobile traffic to your website.
    • Metadata, URL, Description – These 3 are a perfect recipe to either driving in traffic or drive away from traffic from your page. Keeping metadata descriptive and concise helps search engines a lot in understanding the purpose of your page.
  2. Free Google My Business Listing – You would be amazed to know that if you optimize your google my business listing, you can increase your web traffic 7-fold. Since your listing links to your site, that is why this becomes a means of how to drive traffic to your website for free. With Google My Business, you could also be easily found on mobile searches to help with how to drive mobile traffic to your site.
  3. Social media – This is the third method on how to drive traffic to your website, it is by using social media; use your FB page, Instagram, LinkedIn to promote your website. It works like a chain; your social media audience becomes your website visitors. If you have terrific content that is made shareable, then your visitor’s network further increases your traffic.
  4. Write killer content – As the famous line from Bill Gate’s essay from 1996 goes, content is king, and it is the kingdom. So, strive to make your content as engaging and appealing as you can.  Content is one big reason that visitors would want to keep coming back to your website. Therefore making this our fourth method in how to drive traffic to your website.
  5. Online directories listing – There are many free online business directories and review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Glassdoor, etc., where you could get registered. Usually, your listing on these sites would have a link to your website. Few directories like Yelp have a strong domain hold on Google, so your free Yelp page might rank higher on a Google search result.
  6. Blog commenting – The blogging community is enormous, and a small act like commenting on a popular blog with many followers may get traffic trickling towards your website, and it is a tried and tested method of how to drive traffic to your website. You would need to find those sites which are relevant to your domain. You could use services like Buzzsumo or SEMIRush to do that. Once you find them, get into the details like what is their domain authority, how good is their traffic, how much social media influence does the author has, etc.
  7. Make use of Question & Answer site – Sites like Quora and Stack exchange are quite popular with users in getting their technical and non-technical queries answered. These easily fit our how to drive traffic to your website list without investing time in intricate SEO strategies. Answer questions on Quora and other sites and linking the right keywords to a relevant page or blog on your website, you could be found online in a big way. But be sure that you are not using this to spam and that your answers are detailed.
  8. Have hashtags in your posts – Including hashtags on your blog posts to promote your website can give you a broader reach that is much wider than your network. With hashtags, people searching for your kind of product and services will be able to discover you.
  9. YouTube video tutorials – YouTube is the 2nd most loved search engine in the world, after Google. If you can gain exposure on YouTube, it could be huge in getting noticed online. You should make useful videos and tutorials that have a lot of value and link it to the description. You should also learn youtube marketing for more insight on how to drive traffic to your website using youtube.
  10. Email marketing – Promoting updates and offers through emails is one easy and a great way to stay in touch with your customers. You can utilize this medium to provide useful links and information about pages on your website. To do this, you would need to have a list of emails to send. You shouldn’t be spamming; hence it is best to create your lead magnet, and a sales funnel to start posting these promotional emails. The email subject lines should be well thought out as it is key to getting your email opened by your viewers.
  11. Use landing pages – Landing pages focus on one specific call to action. For example, redeeming a discount code, downloading a free recipe, free trial of your product, etc. The specificity of landing pages makes it possible for you to get targeted in your messaging and increase traffic to these pages.
  12. Use LinkedIn – Nowadays, LinkedIn is not just a means to find jobs. This professional network, which is most significant in the world, is now being used as a precious publishing platform. By posting content on the LinkedIn portal, you can boost traffic to your site and better your profile’s reputation in your industry.
  13. Invest time in making your site mobile-friendly – It is no secret that people are using mobiles to do most of their surfing and buying. Hence you would lose out if your website is not mobile-friendly. You could use tools like Google Insight Tool to check how your site rates in terms of mobile-friendliness.
  14. Offer Free Webinars – A free webinar can be effectively used to showcase your content to the viewers and drive traffic to your website. You could use webinar platforms like GoToWebinar, Demio, and a few others to automate your sales presentation.
  15. Link internally – The external links are not the only way to determine your link strength. Your internal linking structure can also help with SEO by enhancing user experience. And a good user experience entails good traffic to your website.

Getting good traffic to your website is not an overnight thing. You need to be persistent and invest time and energy into it. SEO is one big part of it, but many other means can support your endeavour in how to drive traffic to your website. We have seen that just getting colossal traffic is not enough; you need to get quality traffic, which converts into customers.

You also need to think about how to drive mobile traffic to your website and use optimization techniques. Smartphone has seen an enormous rise in recent times hence having your website compatible with mobile devices has become essential. We have done the hard part of figuring out what all needs to be done, and you could start trying them out and gauge your success.


How do I increase organic traffic to my website?

Some of the most popular ways how to drive traffic to your website for free are:

Create a buyer’s personaThis will help you design your site with quality content targeted for the kind of buyers you are addressing your content. Doing this could help tapping into what people with your buyer’s persona search for. If you cater to that with keyword optimization, you automatically get search engine optimization in place. Using long-tail keywords specific to your business domain is a better way than just going with trendy keywords.

Metadata holds a lot of value The three main components of an optimized web page are metadata, URL, description. This lets search engines know what exactly your website does. You can use many free tools like Yoast SEO plug-in, Hubspot’s SEO tools to help you with this easy yet highly effective way of optimizing your content.

Publish regularly, but quality Blogging helps one create more persona-optimized content; hence it is essential to blog regularly. But quantity should not compromise the quality of content. A spammy or poorly written content can do more harm than good, so one must keep that in mind.

Internal links are important By doing topic clustering, a good amount of organic traffic can be driven to your website. Once you have a catalog of content with you, you can start linking it to blogs and on your website to encourage visitors. 

Promote incoming links to your web pages If your site has many inbound links from trustworthy sites, then Google would prioritize your site. A good idea would be to ask friends, clients, suppliers, family to link back to your website. You can get rid of those spamming sites with the use of Google disavow links tool.

Optimize for mobile – You must also give ample consideration on how to drive mobile traffic to your website. With an increase in Smartphone users, people use their phones a lot to visit sites or do shopping. If your pages take a long time to load on mobiles or are not correctly rendered, you will lose a prospect customer within a few seconds.

How long does it take for a new website to get traffic?

To gain traction into search engines, an average period of 4 to 6 months is needed. But this keeps into account that you are consistently creating high-quality content, have done keyword and other SEO optimization (on-page as well as off-page), provided internal links, and have got people linking back to you. New web sites may take longer, up to a year. This extra time is needed to discourage spammers who usually put up a website with prominent keywords to make quick gains. It is termed as “The Google sandbox.”

How do I create backlinks for my website?

When sites link to your site, it creates a backlink, which is a supreme factor in page ranking. However, you must get these links from authoritative websites to drive traffic to your pages. Some of the ways to do it are:

Do guest blogging – Publishing your articles as a guest on popular websites is a great way to attract visitors to your site. It also helps in leveraging online relationships and expanding your audience base. You can use Google search to know which sites are accepting guest posts in your domain. You could use a search string like “Your keyword + guest posts” “your keyword + submit article”, etc.

What is a good website traffic?

As a rule of thumb, for an average small firm, it is assumed that the traffic of 1000 unique visitors per month is a good amount of traffic. There are some other factors which are considered while deciding good traffic, some of them are:

On an average 30% of your visitors must return to your site, 50% is considered to be a good figure.

 You should have a bounce rate of less than 60%. Bounce rate is when a page on your website is visited but then the visitor does nothing after that.

The average duration of a visitor on your website should be more than 2-3 minutes.

Which type of website is best for earning?

From a text-only web site to the ultra-fancy ones, the world wide web has seen drastic changes in the kind of sites people put up. In this plethora of sites, it gets difficult at times to decide which ones would suit you best for the purpose of earning. Here are some top picks for the kind of website you would need for a good income:

Ecommerce- If you have products to sell then the boom in eCommerce is the most inviting and fruitful prospect for you. With no overheads of a brick and mortar shop and a much wider reach crossing nations, an eCommerce site would raise your revenue to unexpected heights.

Blogs (personal or catering to different segments like fashion, travel) – Blogs started off as a public journal of personal lives of people which gained immense popularity over time. Now travel, recipe, fashion, and many different types of blogs have come up which can be effectively used to earn. You need to first find your niche and then start a blog on that. One can earn by using affiliate links and other methods of advertising on their blogs once they have a good visitor count. Google AdSense site can be used by bloggers to put ads on their sites.

YouTube– Our brains are hardwired to the appeal of images and videos the most. Recording a video is easy, so you can build your fan base with engaging videos of your choice of subject. By enabling advertisements on your videos, you can earn money. This mode would work for people who put out a lot of videos and build a strong viewership.

Amazon kindle for book writers – If you want to write a book on any topic and do not have publishers to publish it then you can make use of Amazon kindle direct publishing. You could write and upload a digital copy of your book on this site and then have online promotion campaigns through blogs, social media, and other means.

How much can SEO increase traffic?

Around 50% of all the web traffic that comes to a website is by clicking on search engine results. This goes to show that those web sites which have invested in SEO are getting approximately 50% of the total traffic across the world wide web. In general, 90% of traffic would go to the 1st page in the search result listing and 60% to those that appear in the top 3. You can assess your SEO ROI by tracking the organic increase in web traffic to your page.

How can I drive traffic to my website on Facebook?

After making a page on FB you worry about how to get traffic to your page. You might get tempted to buy FB ads but there are ways on how to drive traffic to your website for free. Here we list a few quick and easy things you can do to drive free traffic to your FB page:

Use verbiage like “best deals for our FB followers”. Having exclusive deals for those who follow you on FB will gain you some visitors.

Voting contests – You can also run contests which would make people involve even their family and friends to take part in the contest. Contests also help in getting a fresh pair of eyes to your page.

Giveaways work like magic – Just like discounts and free deals drive traffic, giveaways are also another big draw for visitors to your FB page. The bonus that you get with this strategy is that you get to know email addresses of people which can be used to promote other aspects of your business later.

Content should be relevant to current events around – If there is an election being run and you make a video that covers the election with a parody and a giveaway, it is sure to boost traffic to your FB page.

Post often and engage with users – Since FB uses an algorithm to show posts to your followers, if you post less there is as little as a 2% chance of your posts being shown to relevant people. So, posting enough, varying content types, responding to comments is very necessary to be on top of your game. On average posting twice a day is a good number to go with.


We have listed all the tried and tested method of how to drive traffic to your website. You can choose any method or the mix of many methods to generate organic and potential traffic that will eventually turn into customers. If you know or want to know any other hack of how to drive traffic to your website do let us know in the comment section.

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