How to Create a Sitemap For a Website – Sitemap Tutorial [2020]

After globalization, everything is online. So to survive in your business and to get high rank for your webpage, one should follow and implement a lot of strategies and techniques. A sitemap is one of those techniques. As we know, the map is useful to show directions; a sitemap is also helpful to show the instructions for Google.

So, we will discuss the sitemap. In addition to definition and significance, we will also learn how to create a sitemap. What are the steps involved in the process? Also, the procedure may vary from creating in word, in Google, in XML, etc.

What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a path full of URLs written in XML code. It consists of all valuable content available on the web page. The users can view it. The size limit for a single sitemap is 50mb, which contains 50,000 URLs. If the content is more than the given deadline, then we need to create one more sitemap.


  • It is essential to create a sitemap for the following reasons-
  • It helps to boost up the PageRank.
  • It helps to boost up the PageRank.
  • It helps Google to find the required content quickly.
  • It helps to organize, read the content.


 The sitemap which has XML URLs is as shown below,

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

<urlset xmlns=”″>










To explain in detail,the first line is nothing but the declaration part. It helps to declare the version of XML, which is 1.0 and helps search engines about the encoding is UTF -8.

The second line is nothing but the URL set. It is a repository of all the URLs in the whole sitemap. 0.90 sitemap is the widely used version.

Coming to the third and important part, the URL. In this, every segment denotes something. Like,

explains the location of the parent tag.

it is one of the properties. It tells the time and date when we change lastly.

it is another property. It specifies which URL has the highest rank and has more importance.

this property helps the search engine how frequently the page keeps on changing. It may be yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily too.

How to Create a Sitemap for Website

As we already learned about the sitemap and its importance, we will see how to create a Sitemap for the website. It has a set of sequential steps that we need to follow.

  • In the first step, we should review the complete structure of all pages. We must verify their order, count, URLs, images, etc. I also need to check how they will appear to the user.
  • The next step is to write the complete code for each URL separately. Prepare code properly with XML tags and cross-check to add all the properties like location, lastmode, priority, and change frequency.
  • The most crucial step is to validate our code. Because human-being is differing from machines. Anything is possible. So before going to implement, please check the entire code in detail. Nowadays, many tools are available to validate the code. So please make the best use of them.
  • Almost there to finish it in this step. Now add this Sitemap to robot.txt to enhance your pages. We can have an option of customization also.
  • Finally, submit your sitemap to the search engine. It’s time to click on the dashboard and enjoy your crawling index.

It is the process of how to create a Sitemap for the website because sitemap plays a predominant role in your website.


how to create a sitemap

How to create a Sitemap in WordPress

It is very beneficial for word press users to know how to create a Sitemap in WordPress. Some of its advantages are as follows,

  • It can improve crawl ability.
  • The quality of the content gets enhanced.
  • Before the high rank crawls.
  • It increases the frequency of crawling periods.


Using Yoast SEO a plugin is the best way to create a sitemap. We have two more options, like Google XML sitemaps and the  SEO framework.

Yoast SEO directly creates a sitemap for your webpage. Here we have an exciting option, which is customization.

First, go to SEO, click on features, and you will see ‘ advanced settings pages.’

Then save the changes.

Finally, you may get access to a new XML sitemap. It appears in the dashboard of SEO.

Here you can set which posts need to include or exclude etc.

How to create a sitemap for Google

It is effortless and straight-forward to create a Sitemap for Google because Google is already filled with many apps.

First, we need to decide what are the pages we need to add in our sitemap.

Second choose one format for a sitemap. We have an XML format, RSS, RSS, Google sites, atom 1.0, and text format is also there.

Then use robots.txt file to make your sitemap available at Google. Now,

  • Click on Google search console.
  • Click and copy sitemaps
  •  Paste it in a sitemap location.
  •  Press the submit button.

In Squarespace

In Squarespace, it can create a sitemap by itself. The only thing in our hands is to exclude irrelevant content and maintain the Page Settings. It includes images, URLs, metadata, etc. everything in it. Its index is SEO friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. A sitemap includes all the essential pages, links, and URLs of those pages, etc.

Ans. We can find this in the root folder itself. There we need to add our sitemap to show the index.

Ans. Yoast SEO is the best tool to create a sitemap.

Ans. We have two types of sitemaps. They are XML and HTML sitemaps.

Ans. A sitemap helps to boost the PageRank.

It also helps to open the pages very quickly.

Ans. When you click on the dashboard of the search engine, you will find your sitemap URL.


Hence, creating a Sitemap is very easy and beneficial too. Many people may work on many applications and prepare various web pages. To get the highest PageRank and to get more views, one should create a Sitemap either in XML or HTML. We have discussed the specific procedure to create a Sitemap for the website. And it needs slight modifications to create a website on Google.

Similarly, we can use Yoast SEO to create a Sitemap in WordPress quickly and automatically. Besides these procedures, we also came across the process of creating a Sitemap for Squarespace as well as Wix, etc. We have certain restrictions for the sitemap like size must be less than or equal to 50 MB, and URLs must be 50000. If the content is longer than the limit, then we need to create another sitemap.

Thus, the sitemap is handy for the users. So make it’s the best use and enhance your Page rank. Then only the pages which you have written are gaining more value.

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