How to Use Google Keyword Planner in 2020 | The Ultimate Guide

Before we get into the details of how to use the tool, let us first get an idea about at it mean? Google Keyword Planner helps you generate certain words or phrases that describe your product which further help in determining the position of your ad. When a person searches on google, your keywords and his search similarity lets him see your ad and the planner help you set up the most relevant words within your ad.

Guide to Google keyword planner:

Access the Google keyword planner: Accessing the Google keyword planner free is quite easy, and the best part is that it is free of cost. The only prerequisite for you to have access is the Google ads keyword planner account. And if you don’t have, it hardly takes a few minutes to set up the new one. You have to follow the steps and you are done. You would not be asked to start up a campaign on it, though.

All you need is an account after setting up the account, Login to it, and then click on the wrench icon in the toolbar. Then, you need to click on the Keyword planner from the page; the tool icon directed you. After you open the keyword planner, you will see two different tools. One says, ‘Discover new keywords’ and the other ‘Get search volume and forecasts.’

  • Select the tool: There are two main tools inside keyword planner free and we will discuss them in brief: Discover New keywords: As the name suggests, this tool lets you discover the appropriate keywords. Once clicked on this tool, it takes you to a page that says’ Enter products or services closely related to your business,’ and this is the place where you have to entire the most specific information about your service.
  • First, you can enter the keywords that you think will be the most suitable one or can also enter multiple keywords separated by commas and press enter. Another thing you can try doing is opening your website. This tends to yield results that are way too appropriate. Once you are done entering all the three, click on ‘Get results’. These clicks give you different effects that, according to Google keyword planner, are the most appropriate.
  • Get search volume and forecast tool: It holds relevance only after you have fetched the results for the keywords already To use this tool, all you have to do is copy all the keywords you have got an paste it in the search field and press ‘Get started.’ After you do this, Google keyword planner tools predicts how many clicks and impressions each Keyword delivers.

Filter and sort the results: The Google ads keyword planner gives you many results out which you will have to filter the ones that hold the highest relevance. The top of this page has four options, namely: Locations, Language, Search networks, and Date range. Set all the things according to your preference. Filtering the keywords out of the long list of actually one of the main steps.

Here are the ways you an filter the results. To understand this better, let us take an example of a new brand that is going to be launched that deals with kids’ footwear. The first thing we will have to make sure is that keyword “kids footwear” appears in all keywords that Google Keyword planner tool suggests to you.

Filtering Average monthly searches helps you filter out the keywords that have high search volume. Competition is another significant criterion to select the correct Keyword. The keyword planner google shows keywords with high, medium, and low competition. Many other filter options depend upon the reason you are looking for the keywords. Of it is for SEOs of Adword. Selection depends upon your choice of keyword selection.

  • Analyze the keyword idea section: Now that we have filtered the keywords using various available filters, next is analyzing them. Analyzing them would mean, studying the three main parts that these keywords how up in after the screen. The first one is Keyword ( by relevance), which gives you the list of all the keywords that, according to Google, are the most relevant.
  • The second one is the Average monthly searches, which are an approximation that Google keyword planner free gives about how many times will that particular Keyword be searched by the users. The third is competition, which tells you the number of advertisers who have already been using a similar Keyword.
  • Choose a keyword: The final step towards the entire research—the final keyword selection which you would use for your service or product. Understanding the help of an example will be more comfortable, let’s say you are looking to write a blog on fitness for women. Keywords, like women or eligibility, will be too broad terms to be used as keywords.

So how about using physical fitness. So pop that Keyword into the world and click on the icon that says Get started. With this, Google keyword planner tool will come up with many more options than you can finalize to be the Keyword for your blog. Now the question here is which one to go with? Look for three main criteria: 

  • Search volume: Higher the search volume, the more traffic you will get.
  • Commercial Intent: Higher the competition and the bid, more comfortable it will be to convert the traffic into customers who will pay you.

Just go stepwise, and the entire process of the keyword planner google will look the most straightforward task ever.


1. How don’t you access Google keyword planner?   

For Accessing the Google keyword planner, all you need to have is a google ads account. If you don’t have one, you can easily make it within a few minutes.

2. So Google keywords planner free?   

Yes, the Google keywords planner is free.

3. How do I search for keywords in Google planner?

Enter the words or phrases that accurately describe your business or service. You can also add your website in the field where it says Enter products services closely related to your company and click on Get results. The google keyword planner will come up with all the relevant options.

4. How do I check the traffic for keywords?

After you have the keyword search, the is a filter in the planner that says Average monthly searches. You can activate the screen, and it will show up the results with highest to lowest or lowest to most top average searches as per your preference.

5. How do I download keywords from keyword planner?

You can download or export the keywords from the Keyword Planner by clicking on the Download keyword ideas button.

6. How do I find the best keywords?

Finding the best keywords is a stepwise procedure. Please make sure you enter appropriate keywords related to your service, filter them efficiently, and finally use the best ones.

7. Are Google Ads free?

Signing up on Google ads is free, but if you wish to start a campaign with them, it is chargeable.

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