Are you looking for a free keyword research tool? Then, you have made it to the best place. Here in this article, we are going to give you a list of 10 best free Keyword Research tools that you can use to get keyword ideas. 

keyword research tools

Be it a blogger or a business owner, everyone tries to obtain a decent amount of traffic to their website from various search engines and other sources. But if you want to promote your website on the internet, make sure it has rightful content interlinked with relevant and reliable keywords. How does it work? You need to utilize the words that your targeted audience is using while searching the same product, services and content online.

We all know that Google keeps on changing SEO algorithms over time. But one thing is consistent in website search optimization i.e. Keywords research. While collecting the information & completing this research process, it takes quite a lot of time. Thus, keyword research tools help you to improve your marketing strategies and online promotions.

List of 10 Best Keyword Research Tools 2020

There are several ways to find keywords on the internet. One of the popular sources is Google Keyword Planner that offers tons of Keyword suggestions, including search volumes. As Google Keyword planner is mostly used for paid advertising on the Google ads platform, the Keywords become too generic to be used in SEO & content marketing.

However, you can still get intensive Keywords without purchasing a paid tool. Here, we have presented 10 free Keywords research tools to boost up your Search Engine Optimization process.

Let’s check them out:

1. Google Trends

On top of this list, Google Trends is mentioned as a valuable & relatively popular Keywords research tool. It provides effective data based on the various regional searches. By using graphs, it compares the search volume of multiple Keywords. Not only that, but Google Trends will also help you to get more ideas about marketing strategies & Keywords research based on regional insights. 

Google Trends
Google Trends

Google Trends helps to evaluate the changes in search engine volume of a keyword due to seasonality and trends. The data keeps you updated with the regular changing of patterns, so your keywords are always one step ahead.

Key Features

  • It’s a free tool to find impactful keywords.
  • It provides Keywords based on regional insights.
  • You can track your constant visitors’ engagement.
  • Keep a note on the recently updated content by observing your website visitors’ reactions. 
  • Changing strategies as per the needs and preferences of your audience. 
  • Keep an eye on your competitor’s website activities and improve accordingly to remain better.

2. QuestionDB

QuestionDB, one of the best keyword research tools, is based on a massive collection of questions related to a specific topic asked over Reddit. QuestionDB fetches its data from the large database of questions asked by the users in search of the answers. The question database created by the QuestionDB shows various results not only by means of popularity but also sorted by the category.


The tool focuses on broad keywords function. Suppose you are an online content marketer, so you need to use the keywords – “SEO” & “Website traffic”. Similarly, for a food blogger, you can start with “Vegan” & “Keto”. By placing the right keywords, you will get a large set of questions relevant to your content or blog topic.

Key Features

  • Effective algorithm by Reddit.
  • A large database of questions related to specific topics asked by the users.
  • QuestionDB is user friendly, easy to understand and versatile.

3. AnswerThePublic

Definitely, when it comes to free keyword research tools, we cannot ignore AnswerThePublic. This tool allows users to see relative & autocomplete searches based on the root keyword. So how does this tool work? The whole information classified into 5 distinct categories- related questions, alphabetically, based on prepositions, associated comparisons and searches.


Let’s say your root keyword is ” Rock music“, the first result you will get to see is related questions. These queries contain what, who, why, how, which, when, can, are, and lots more.


  • How did rock music start?
  • What is rock music?

Next, you will get to see searches based on prepositions for example-

  • Rock music without distortion
  • Rock music for beginners

After that, it shows autocomplete suggestions based on alphabetical order. Then it comes to comparisons, for example-

  • Rock music versus Pop music
  • Rock music or country music

And finally, the results based on related searches such as-

  • The rock music culture in India
  • Rock music sub-genres classification

Key Features

  • Data comparison over time and fetches new suggestions
  • They have an extensive visualization of queries and phrases related to root keyword
  • Avoid unwanted suggestions and branches

4. Keyword Sheeter

If you are looking for large numbers of keywords, Keyword Sheeter is the right option to choose. It generates huge numbers of autocomplete suggestions for free from Google. It’s really fast and generates nearly 1000 ideas/ minute. Even users can export keywords in CSV format for further use. The only loophole of this tool, it doesn’t provide search volume or competitiveness of keywords. 

Keyword Sheeter
Keyword Sheeter

Key Features

  • Fast and shows large numbers of autocomplete suggestions from Google
  • It has a distinct feature- Negative & Positive filters
  • It provides effective return results based on the searches

5. Soovle

This is a unique keywords research tool that provides suggestions from various major platforms such as- Wikipedia, Amazon, Google and Youtube lots more. If you are interested in different fields and looking for various suggestions from different sources, Soovle is the right choice. To make the appearance of the tool more eye-catching, it has added the logo of different platforms with the search results. It helps you to get new concepts and ideas from popular web providers.


Key Features

  • It provides effective results from more than 150 search engines. 
  • Easy to use and an appealing appearance with web providers logo, hyperlinks
  • It’s a customizable search tool that delivers various search suggestions from major platforms

6. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is basically a free extension of Google Chrome that shows search volume on a monthly basis for any questions. This tool provides organic traffic based on estimated domains. In order to rank pages, it also provides the appropriate keyword usage and word count. Keyword Surfer is a newly added tool and a part of SEO Surfer. It shows the search volume results globally in more than 70 countries. 

Keyword Surfer
Keyword Surfer

(Keyword Surfer has many similarities with another Google Chrome extension- Keyword Everywhere)

Key Features

  • A free extension plugin for Google Chrome that provides monthly search volume results
  • It provides valuable keyword phrases related to the key topic
  • It has an extensive feature that allows you to save selected keywords to boost your SEO process

7. Google Search Console

Google search console is an excellent free tool to keep track of your organic reach through the website’s performance. This leads to the keywords information already existing in your website and attains a higher rank.

Keyword Research tools
Google Search Console

It helps you to rectify the crawl and index errors on your website. It also includes rich search results, performance on mobile sites, and good traffic queries.

Key Features

  • The main feature is to collect relevant data and keep track of the organic traffic estimation of your website
  • With the help of CTRs, rich search results, linked domains it provides all over search analytics
  • The mobile-Friendly interface is an another upgraded feature of Google Search Console
  • It offers site messages and sitemaps features

8. Bulk Keyword Generator

For any local business, this is the best SEO tool to promote your website as per your industry type. By selecting the nature of your business, you will get to see various keywords similar to the products & services you offer. Let’s take an example that you deal with electrical services; you will get to see the keywords as electric wiring, electric switching etc. So you can understand it generates keywords in bulk related to the respective business nature.

Bulk Keyword Generator
Bulk Keyword Generator

Key Features

  • This tool helps every business houses to promote their website through Search Engine Optimization process
  • It provides effective keywords as per your business type
  • It generates keywords in bulk related to the nature of the business services and products

9. SEMrush Free Option (Keyword Magic Tool)

This is another free and simple tool designed to provide better information, which will help you to estimate the value of the core keyword and boost up your ranking. Keyword Magic Tool records all the search history. So you can easily find out the search query as per the date. It analyzes the competitors’ traffic, ads, social contents etc. and provides a comprehensive solution to make your marketing strategy better. 

Keyword Magic Tool
Keyword Magic Tool

Key Features

  • The Keyword Magic Tool helps you to make a list of the targeted keywords, that will be used as per the changes in the search trends
  • It stores the search history that helps you to get old queries by saving your time
  • Another extensive feature of Keyword Magic Tool is SERP features opportunities
  • It also provides free SEO/ PPC information that helps in the digital marketing process

10. Google

Last but not least, Google itself is a powerful tool for keywords research over the internet. With the help of the autocomplete suggestions feature, it generates infinite numbers of keywords. Google Keyword Tool offers various keywords data as in ads suggestions, keywords trend, ad group ideas etc. With Google Keyword Tool, the search volume comparison is possible by combining your search words. When it comes to search intent, Google makes it simpler and provides search results with better SERP.

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner

Key Features

  • Google Keyword Tool offers content marketing and website optimization
  • It is a free tool where you can easily get lots of keyword suggestions according to your search criteria
  • It also helps you to build a strong marketing strategy by analyzing your competitors SERP

Paid vs Free keywords research tools- Which one would you prefer?

Quite evidently, paid keywords tools offer much more benefits than the free ones. The free versions are usually limited to certain basic essentials. However, it is also needless to say that the features provided by the free tools are quite enough for your keywords research. Here are a few points that would help you realize why paid keywords research tool still stand stronger:

  • The data provided by the free tools become quite futile in front of the paid tool’s data
  • You are allowed to explore a way advanced research in marketing through the paid tools
  • The keyword database of a free research tool isn’t as large as the paid one

There are tons of key factors associated with the process of keywords researching. For example- Estimated monthly search volume, Clicks, Keyword Difficulty and CPC. Without exploring all these factors, the researched keywords are always half efficient. And unfortunately, working on this process with a free keyword tool is almost next to impossible. Additionally, in order to decide on a keyword’s competitiveness analyzing the top 10 ranking pages is utmost essential. And no one does it better than the paid keyword research tools. 

End Line

The best way to decide on the potentiality of a keyword research tool is to experiment them all for your website. It will ensure you the exact pros and cons of each tool and help you decide which one to tag along with. So choose wisely and bring your ideas closer to success.

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