What are Backlinks? How to Get More Backlinks in 2020

A link from a page to another website, web directory or a web page is known as a backlink. Inbound links or incoming links are other names for backlinks. Backlinks are normally the references for comparison of citations in an article or a website. When a backlink takes to another page on the same website it is called an internal link.

The other names for backlink are inbound link, inward link, incoming link, citation, and inlink.

What are Backlinks

A backlink can be defined as a link to another web page, directory, or site outside the website for getting more references or comparisons for the citation or content of the article.

Backlinks are created for visibility and ranking position of a website in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Glossary and terms to understand Backlink

Following are some of the common terms to be understood before we proceed to understand Backlink and its importance:

  • Link Juice

When a value or equity is passed from one page or website to another page or website, it is termed as Link Juice. This is done through hyperlinks and is taken as votes from users of other websites for value and promotion of our website

  • No-Follow Link

No-Follow link implies tagging a link with “No Follow tag”. The purpose behind it is to convey the search engine that the link to another website may be unreliable and it can be ignored. Thus link juice is not passed through No-Follow Link

no follow links
  • Do-Follow Link

An HTML attribute used in a website for search bots so that they can follow the link, this is known as Do-Follow Link. By default, all the links in an article are Do-Follow Link. They are used to pass link juice. This also boosts high page ranking

do follow links
  • Linking Root domains

When a site is linked to many sites at a time in SEO, then site A is said to be the Linking root domain.  It can be said to be a total number of backlinks for your website which comes from a unique domain

  • Low-Quality Links

Links coming from automated sites, harvested sites, porn sites, or spam sites are said to be low-quality links. They do not contain unique content and are hazardous to the website.

  • Internal Links

When a backlink takes to another page on the same website it is called an internal link.

  • Anchor Text

The clickable text that is used for the hyperlink is known as Anchor text. It is suggested that anchor text be relevant for the website that is linked.

Anchor Text

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are said to be a vote of confidence for the content of your website from another website. It is one of the most important factors that is considered for organic search ranking.

A brief discussion of the importance of Backlink is as follows:

  • Improves organic ranking

For better SEO rankings it is very crucial to get as many backlinks as possible. The content that gets most backlinks will obviously be high on the ranking of the search engines. However, these rankings should be from unique domains and also from high-quality websites.

What are backlinks

We’ve also came across the fact there is a correlation between ranking and high-quality backlink.

  • Faster Indexing

New webpages are discovered by search engines bot through backlinks. The lesser the backlinks in the site, the probability to discover the website by search engine bot decreases, and in turn the crawling through the website also depletes. Thus backlinks play an important role in faster discovery and indexing of the website

  • Referral Traffic

When there is a visit to your site from sources outside the search engine, it is known as Referral Traffic. It means when a hyperlink is clicked to visit a different page on a different website, Google reports this as a referral traffic. Backlinks help find useful resources and increase referral traffic. Also, referral traffic has a low bounce rate, this implies that people who browse a website through backlink leave the page instantly rarely.

  • Discoverability

Search Engines are always keen for new content. And this is accomplished by visiting and revisiting popular websites. Thus if your website has a backlink from a popular website then it more likely that your website is discovered easily and faster

High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are considered valuable and desirable if they come from popular, trustworthy, and high authority websites. But for this, the backlinks need to be high in quality. The following tips and strategies show how a backlink can be:

  • Leverage Public Relations

When people know you automatically they would click on your backlinks. So building public relations is good for backlinking health. However, along with it, it is also important to be transparent and honest in the content. Social media helps a lot to be popular and interact with a large number of people and promote yourself. Thus building public relations can become a backbone to backlinks

  • Write competitive content

Content is the heart of backlink generation. If the content is simple, dull, wordy, familiar, or in short not better than the other contents that are already available it won’t attract SEO. So the strategy like more relevant images, higher word count, compelling title, more focused content should be adopted for creating good content which in turn would attract more and quality backlinks

  • Original study

Unique and interesting content always has more attraction. Also when other writers have to use your data they have to backlink to your website. This increases the traffic

  • Infographic

Graphics and visual presentation of data, information, or knowledge help presenting data quickly, clearly, and efficiently. And when this infographic is self-created its an icing on the cake. Once this kind of unique infographic is published it will definitely win lots of backlinks

  • Testimonials and comments

One can write testimonials and comment on other products and websites and generate a backlink for own. This generosity definitely pays back with a huge amount.

  • Align social signals

Aligning yourself on social network presence and then leveraging the same would be really beneficial for earning backlinks.

  • Relevance

Relevance is an integral part of any backlink. One would like to click on only those backlinks which interest them.

  • Authority

Backlinks from popular webpages always have an upper hand than those from the unpopular ones. So its always suggested to earn such backlinks.

Ur vs search traffic
  • Traffic

Web pages or web sites having traffic will automatically create more referral traffic. So backlink on such pages would give more and more referral links.

  • Placement

The position of the backlink on any webpage also has a crucial impact on how many times it gets linked. So this factor should also be considered.

  • Anchor text

Anchor text should be attractive, legible, and relevant enough to the content of the backlink.

  • Do-Follow link and No Follow link

As discussed in the glossary No follow link will not pass link juice. So it is likely to earn a backlink.

Checking backlinks

Backlinks can be checked for our owned website as well as for other websites. Though checking backlinks for your own website is easier and free for other websites one has to use applications available to check the backlink which may sometimes cost also.

Checking backlinks for own website

Google search console allows the data for organic search of the website and also its performance.

  • After signing in a toggle “Links” is seen on the sidebar.
  • Under the “External Links” report showing unique backlinks is displayed. These reports include top linked pages, top linked sites, and top linked text.
Google Search console
Google Search console

This helps to pool data of the website for the linked page, websites, backlinks, or anchor texts.

Checking backlinks for other websites

For checking backlinks of the website of other owners some backlink checking tools and apps have to be used. Following steps can be followed to check the backlinks

  • Navigate to link explorer of the backlink checking tool. Inbound link quality is also displayed here.
  • Enter the URL of the website for which the backlink is to be checked
  • Sources of link can be extracted under the Inbound Links tab. Various details like referring page, domain rating, URL rating, Trafic, Anchor text, backlink, backlink type, backlink status can be sought from this tab
  • This data can also be exported to a .csv file and then analyzed and sorted.
Keyword research tool
Ahrefs Keyword Research Tool

The above steps may differ for different backlink checking tools and apps. But they are certainly easy to access.

Getting more backlinks

A backlink can be created, earned, or build. Following shows how to get more backlinks:

  • Creating backlinks implies adding a link to the website manually from other websites. This can be done by adding a comment in the blog, or in the business directory, replies in threads of a forum, etc
  • One can earn backlinks by promoting their content or also when people discover your website through search engines. However, for this its really important that content should be useful, relevant as well as interesting.
  • Building backlinks is done by asking out other website owners, webmasters or editors to link to your website, link building takes time. Following are few techniques through which backlinks can be built:
    • Guest blogging is a technique where one offers to write a post for your website and a backlink is thus built
    • The broken link is a link on the websites which are not active. Such links can be found out and replaced by your active backlink. You can use broken link checker by Ahref for checking broken links.
    • The skyscraper technique is a very innovative way where relevant content is dug, the content is improvised and then it is a backlink to the original
    • One can also find such mentions of your content which are not linked and then the author can be approached to make a backlink
    • Backlinks can also be replicated from other websites
    • Web directories are one more easy and efficient way to build backlink


The quality, relevance, interest, placement, utility, and quantity are the benchmarks that make or break a backlink. These are also the parameters on which the search engines rank and evaluate the importance of the website. So it is rightly said that Backlink is the heart of ranking by the search engine.

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