7 Upgraded & Alternative Search Engines 2020

Are you struggling with your search results? How fast does your web search engine show you the accurate information? We all know that Google is a one-stop solution for every query. If you need to search for anything on the internet, we trust the Google web search engine. So Google is currently dominates  over the worldwide web search engine market.

But in recent years, Google has been circulated with much criticism. Data personalization has become the foremost issue. By accepting Google’s terms and services, we give authority to access our private data. Data privacy violations, advertisements, creating a filter bubble and data collection are the major drawbacks of Google.

That’s why many users are seeking alternative search engines to Google. There are many Upgraded search engines other than Google that offer more features with privacy. So if you are tired of Google, what are the best alternative search engines you can try?

What Are The Best Secure Alternative Search Engines?

I am hereby representing a data analysis of Google alternatives search engine. Many users have set other popular Google alternatives as their search engines to check the differences.

These search engines are equally providing the same security and more data privacy as Google.

So if you are also looking for the best substitutes of Google, here’s the list of 7 alternative search engines you can check:

1. Bing

As per the record, amongst all the search engines, Bing is the second largest web search engine in the US market. Microsoft Bing is the next best alternative to Google in the online market. Just like Google, Bing features ads and abilities such as conversion, translation, spell check, sports score, flight tracking, etc. So Bing is considered as the closest alternative to Google with the same experience. It is compatible with your mobiles, android, and iOS devices.

How Much Secure Is Bing?

Bing has many similarities with Google. They share common features. That’s why Bing is not a privacy driven search engine.

Microsoft also fetches your data with its products and services.

Highlighted Feature

Bing allows its users to check the video preview directly. So this is the best alternative for better video searches.

2. DuckDuckGo

Here comes the best secure private search engine alternative to Google. The main focus area of this search engine is privacy concerns. DuckDuckGo never compromises with data privacy. Bing is one of the alternative search engines that don’t track the user’s ID, online activities.

It has a clear interface and brings search results from different sources such as Yandex, yahoo etc. DuckDuckGo has its own crawler, DuckDuckBot, that allows users to search directly on other sites such as Youtube, Amazon, and Wikipedia. Its extension helps you to browse privately and keep your data safe and secure.

How Much Secure Is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-oriented web search engine. They never track your browsing data and your personal information. DuckDuckGo doesn’t store your IP address and tracking cookies. User-friendly interface with different extensive features. 

Highlighted Feature

DuckDuckGo has a distinct feature named as “Bangs” that is worth mentioning. This feature directs your search results on the particular site.

Suppose you make a search with !w and add a keyword Facebook (!w Facebook). It directs you to the Wikipedia page of Facebook.

3. Qwant

Qwant is a privacy-focused web search engine based in Paris. Similar to DuckDuckGo, it has the same features and services. Due to heavy privacy concerns, Qwant never tracks the geographical location of the users. So sometimes it’s hard to get an accurate result on the internet. The user interface is pretty simple. Anything you search it will be categorized into three different sections, such as web, news, and social. You can arrange your data in an efficient manner.


How Much Secure Is Qwant?

Qwant never traces your IP address and online activities. It doesn’t use your personal data for advertisement. Even it follows the GDPR guidelines. 

Highlighted Feature

Just like Bangs Qwant provides an interesting feature called “Qwick Search Shortcut”. It helps you to search for distinct results from a specific website.

4. Ecosia

Many people are not aware of this free web search engine. Ecosia has a clean user interface and an excellent alternative to Google. As per data, Google is responsible for carbon dioxide emissions. So Ecosia is taking an initiative to counter this carbon footprint. The search engine not only provides better search results to its users. But for tree planting, the company donates a huge percentage of their profit. 

Ecosia shows the search results directly powered by Bing. But there’s an option to enable the personalization suggestions for better results. It offers safe search, automatic suggestions, and supports 7 different languages.

How Much Secure Is Ecosia?

See, Ecosia is a free web search engine, but as per their privacy policy, they are not privacy concerned in that way. Another factor is that Bing directs the search results. So they need to send the information and search request to Bing. For improved search results, Ecosia also stores data as an IP address. They delete it only after 7 days from their history. If privacy is not your first priority, Ecosia is a decent alternative.

Highlighted Feature

There’s an option to control the resolution of the video results. By clicking the resolution drop-down menu on the video tab, you can adjust the quality.

5. StartPage

This is one of the most famous, secure search engines compared to Google. But there’s a twist, it uses search results from Google, without any tracking information. Apart from search results, it offers a safe proxy service.

How Much Secure Is StartPage?

StartPage doesn’t track your IP address and cookies. Though it uses Google search results but maintains the data privacy of the users, it sends an anonymous query to Google and provides you with the end results.

Highlighted Feature

Anonymous View is a special feature that protects your social media tracking records, cookies, and website data.

6. Swisscows

A Switzerland based search engine that relies on Bing search results for other languages.

Swisscows has strong privacy controls that automatically restrict violent and adult videos. So this is actually good for the parents to protect searches from their children. Search settings cannot be altered or changed by any policies.

How Much Secure Is Swisscows?

The good thing is Swisscows doesn’t track the users’ data. Not even it fetches the tracking cookies and geographical location of the users.

If you have any issues with the Bing searches, then you must know it uses a firewall identifier to clear the personal data.

Highlighted Feature

Swisscows helps you to refine your search results with a feature named as ‘Semantic maps’.

7. Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the largest search engine companies in the online market. Yahoo has dominated the market before Google and Bing. It is a default web search engine of Mozilla Firefox. Apart from the search results, it offers services like online news, mails, and sports. The amazing fact is that Yahoo is still holding the 3rd place as a popular web search engine. 

How Much Secure Is Yahoo?

In simple words, Yahoo has a lousy reputation for security concerns. It collects personal data from the users browsing history or from the products & services.

Highlighted Feature

Apart from secure search results, you can enjoy tons of exciting services and products.

Ending Note

This is quite a tough job to choose the best search engine. It differs from person to person and their criteria. You need to consider one of the alternative search engines besides google as per your requirement and needs. Keep exploring and decide the appropriate one.

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