Affiliate Marketing in 2020: A Beginner’s Guide

Marketing is the backbone of every business, irrespective of its nature. Every business runs to earn a profit. So to generate the benefit, we need to raise the sales from day-to-day. This process of promoting sales of a particular business is nothing but marketing. In the field of marketing, we have several variations. Affiliate marketing is one of them.

affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process of sharing the revenue to the person who promoted the product or service, in the form of commission.


The affiliate marketing concept came into existence in the year of 1994 itself offline. Within the short span of four years, it approaches the online method.

Getting Compensation

 A mediator or marketer can earn income by referring to various products and services of a company to the public. The pay will generate in different ways like,

  • Performance-based Revenue

 Here, the income will generate in two ways. One is the commission for each sale, and in addition to that, the extra incentive will reach you based on the quarter or annual performance.

  • Predominant Compensation Method.

The company can pay the affiliate marketer through various strategies like Cost per sale, Cost per click, pay per sale, percentage of revenue sharing, etc.

  • Diminished Compensation Method

  Apart from cost per sale and cost per click, the reduction of expenses also plays a vital role. Advertisement cost-cutting, less promotional activities with more scope will diminish the value of expenditure.

Significance of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing plays a predominant role in this global world. It is a simple method to earn income. Communication is the only requirement for an affiliate marketing program. In this, we can promote various products from multiple companies. There is no restriction to be or to work with a single company. The process of getting revenue from a company by giving customers to them. To bring customers only with our communication, either it may be verbal or oral.

 It is a great job opportunity for working people, students, and homemakers too. Yes, one can work from home through online or through mobile and convince them to buy the product or service. We have a specific set of 7 steps to enter into an affiliate marketing for beginners.

  • Platform Selection:-  This is the first step to start your affiliate marketing program. Because we need a channel to reach the public to promote our products. Nowadays,  YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, etc. many sources are there to reach out to the audience. Even WhatsApp also became a business platform.
  • Niche Choice:- Irrespective of products, what the affiliate marketing exactly needs is how far the customers get attracted to our company quickly. For this purpose, one should uniquely choose a niche to rank higher in search engines.
  • Selection of affiliate marketing program:-   This is the crucial step in the entire process. We have three types of affiliate marketing programs. They are high pay with less sale, low pay with the high sale, and top pay with a high sale. Based on your strengths and weaknesses, one should decide and enter into it.
  • Creative Content:-  It makes a mark, for beginners. Because it is the critical tool with which we can attract people. One should be aware of that particular product and gain knowledge to write the content creatively. It should be helpful for all the customers to create an idea about that product and can clear their doubts after reading your review. Search Engines are beneficial at this stage.
  • Maximization of the audience:- An affiliate marketer should create more traffic to see his platform, which indirectly makes the promotion of the product reaches to a maximum number of people. We can use different strategies to gain audiences like utilizing top most search engines, promotional offers, and payment vouchers to the customers like the Tez app and can make a list of contacts and emails to target all of them in a short period.
  • Clicks on links:- It is important that the people must see our products by clicking on our links. Then only we can understand how far it is reaching. To get more clocks, we can make the content innovative and unique. The usage of catchy words is beneficial. Also, the marketer should call personally and make them view our site. Also, make sure that the links are in a proper way to serve the audience.
  • Sales from Clicks:- Getting the number of clicks is not countable; the number of purchases made by your advertising is only essential for the company.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The world-famous online retailer, Amazon, also had an affiliate marketing program. First, the newly launched products and details will be sent to you and your contact lists to reach out to the customers. Then for every sale, it will provide a ten percent of commission to the marketer. This is what the procedure held in Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Affiliate Marketing easy?

Ans. It is not so easy. Hard work is vital to earn fruitful results.

2. How do we become an affiliate marketer?

Ans. One can become an affiliate marketer by approaching the partner with a new idea and creative Content and then follow the sequential steps.

3. How do they pay?

Ans. Based on their sales, the affiliate marketers will get pay.

4. What is their highest pay?

Ans.  Many companies are paying outstanding amounts for affiliates. Some copies will spend nearly $200- $300 per sale.

5. Can I be an Amazon affiliate without a website?

Ans. Yes. You can become an affiliate marketer to Amazon without a website.

6. Where can I post my affiliate links for free?

Ans. Specific platforms like YouTube, Blogger, etc., will allow you to post for free.

7. Can you use your affiliate link?

Ans. Yes, you can use your link.

8. Can I post affiliate links on Facebook?

Ans. We can post our links on Facebook after accepting the terms of services.

9. How much did Clickbank affiliates pay?

Ans. Click bank pays a reasonable commission based on the clicks and products. At times it may give 70% commission also.


Affiliate Marketing is a process of earning extra income in addition to our daily routines. Nowadays, it is trendy and attracting many companies. Amazon Affiliate Marketing inspires many other companies as well as job aspirants. The sequential steps held in an affiliate marketing program, are simple to learn but challenging to implement. But if one can follow the steps and work hard, it will achieve success.

Everyone should make use of this fantastic opportunity to buy the products as well as to sell the products. Creative ideas are essential, along with the presentation, to maximize our audience and follow specific tips to create traffic.

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